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Favorite YouTubers

It’s almost Christmas break and I am so excited!

And when I say almost, I mean like 4 hours of work tomorrow stand between me and my vacation and I am beyond ready for it. I am off for two whole weeks!

While I know not everyone gets this long of a vacation, I know that a lot of people have some time off coming up and I also know that a lot of people start to get bored after awhile and kind of need something new to watch or just something to listen to while doing other things.

I have a tendency to watch a lot of random videos on YouTube when I don’t have a lot else to do with my time. I especially like to watch random things on YouTube before I go to bed at night. I don’t know why; I used to read a lot before I went to bed, but lately I’ve been watching YouTube.

Since I watch a lot of YouTube, I thought I would share a few of my favorite YouTubers to watch if you need to add a new channel to your watch list.

I will admit, before I start, my list is a bit…diverse. A lot of it is very “lifestyle” oriented, but some of it, you may look at and go, “hmm….maybe Stephanie’s a little weirder than I thought”, and I might be, I don’t know. But, I’m going to try and explain why I watch each of them, so hopefully you don’t think I’m super crazy at the end of it.

Also, none of these are in any kind of chronological order, they’re just here.

The Small Things Blog – Kate Bryan

I think I’ve been following her YouTube channel for years, since like before she had kids years. If there is ANYTHING you want to know about makeup, skincare, haircare, beauty…stuff, just watch her. She’s a former hairstylist, so she knows her hair stuff and a self-taught beauty guru and she’s HILARIOUS. If there is any beauty product you’ve ever wanted to try, check her channel, odds are she’s probably tried it and will give you her opinion on it. I, admittedly, have tried a lot of things because she recommended it. Best part is, she has YEARS of content, so you could watch her for like 10 straight days and probably still not watch everything.

Lynette Marie Fitness

So, Lynette is a recent addition to my life. I admit, I came across her channel one night when I just randomly watching Trader Joe’s hauls on YouTube (I warned you that I watch weird things, it’s fine). She’s an online personal trainer, and while a good bit of her channel is fitness-centric, it’s not all fitness stuff, which is great because I’m not….super into fitness. Lynette does a lot of day in the life’s, which are really fun to watch, grocery hauls and meal ideas and even just random favorites and LOTS OF CAT FOOTAGE! Guys, her cats are so flipping adorable! Like, Nacho, the brown one……:loud gasp: I just wanna pet Nacho. And yes, her cat’s name is Nacho, it’s amazing! And she’s hilarious and sarcastic and just so much fun to watch. She understands the awesomeness of cats. ‘Nuff said.

Hip2Save – Collin Morgan

I will admit that Collin doesn’t do a ton of YouTube videos anymore, but if you’re someone who enjoys saving money or frugal/coupon shopping, then this is your perfect channel. While some of the information is a little out-dated, now, there’s still a lot of information that you can get about saving money on her channel. Collin is also someone who doesn’t take herself super seriously and has a really fun sense of humor (are you noticing a trend?). She’s really fun to watch, I even still just like watching random shopping videos from like five years ago, even though I’ve seen them all a bunch of times.

Cindy Guentert-Baldo – Llamas Love Lettering

Okay, this is where you all are going to go…”huh”? I know. But you’ve met my love of planners so the fact that I love pretty handwriting shouldn’t surprise you that much either. Cindy actually teaches people how to hand letter and it is so beautiful. I genuinely don’t think my handwriting could ever be this beautiful, but I’m happy just to watch her do it. I will warn you. she’s got a bit of a foul mouth, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but if it bothers you, you might want to avoid this (or at least not have little kids around you when you’re watching).

Pretty Neat Living – Jennifer Ross


Finally, Jennifer from Pretty Neat Living is the quintessential Lifestyle YouTube channel. She has everything from recipes, to product reviews, to life updates and baby updates and all of the things. If you’re looking for a channel with a ton of variety in content then you’ll enjoy watching Jennifer. Like with Kate Bryan’s channel, you could also sit here for 10 days straight and still not watch everything. It’s perfect for a vacation.

What are your favorite YouTube channels to watch?  

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