Brain Dump

I’m having another one of those moments where I could easily sit and write like 10 different blog posts about 10 completely different/unrelated topics.

Now, that might sound awesome to some people.  However, for me, it usually means that my brain is all over the place, which is not something I typically I appreciate.  I like having a well defined focus and goal, which is partially why I don’t do super random, spur-of-the-moment blogging.  Most of my posts have been planned out for at least a couple of days, if not a week or two prior.  I feel more organized and prepared that way.

Normally, I keep a small notebook of blog posts/ideas/suggestions that I have or was given to help keep me organized.  If there are times when I don’t have something specific ready to go for a blog post, I’ll go to that book and see what I’ve wanted to talk about or what needs to be talked about.

I was originally going to post my new Erin Condren review this morning, but I never got the chance to take pictures and when I had the time, the lighting was horrible thanks to our rainy days as of late.

So, this morning in my head, I’m like “I still want to post something this morning, but what….”

And it’s not like I have nothing to talk about, the problem was, I was coming up with too much to talk about.  And I had a *table flip* moment, where I’m like “nope, not doing any of it until I get more focused”.

That’s where my brain dump comes in.  Like I said, I have a book at home (but I’m at work at the moment) that half of these ideas are likely already in anyway.  Instead of worrying about waiting until I got home, I just grabbed one of my many notepads in my office and one of my favorite pens and just started scribbling down everything that was in my head.  This is also why it’s called a brain dump, it’s almost like you’re literally ridding your brain of every thought you have and putting it somewhere else.


In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m very much a pen and paper person.  It never resonates as well for me to type it out or do it electronically.  For me to fully feel like I’ve gotten it all out of my brain, I need the physical action of actually writing it on a piece of paper.

So, I took ten minutes (if that) and a pad and paper and just wrote down everything in my head.  It’s not fancy, and it’s not meant to be.  This is what my brain had in it this morning:

brain dump

The fanciest thing about this is my Papermate InkJoy Gel Pen (which I love).  And that’s perfectly fine for me.  When I get home later, I’ll look through my notebook and add the things here that aren’t already there.

Just the simple act of making that list really just helped to focus my brain and kept me from being scrambled and all over the place.

Now, maybe I can focus on getting Thursday’s post written and organized without any issues.


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