Saturday Shorts


*My baby went to her senior prom on Friday!! Now, for those not inn the know, my “baby” is my best friend’s little sister.  My best friend I grew up together from the age of 4 and her little sister was born when we were 13, so she’s always been my little sister, too.  She looked gorgeous!

I look tired…which I was, but she looks gorgeous!  I can’t believe how grown up she is! She’s going to Redford University next year and I couldn’t be prouder of her! 

*We have graduation coming up on Friday, so I had to pull my cap and gown out of the closet this morning to make sure it wasn’t all wrinkled and weird.  Being a high school educator, you really get some good use out of your graduation regalia.  I’ve worn my Master’s gown every year since I got it, so it’s money well spent to not have to get a rented one or buy one from school.  I just hope it’s not 100 degrees when I have to be in a black robe all day like it has been the past few days here.  

*Devon and I have decided/agreed to do a “wedding prep” diet/workout this summer.  We both have images in our head of how we want to look on our wedding day and getting into a little bit better shape will make those visions more likely.  Making big changes is easier in the summer because we aren’t really working so we can devote time no energy into overhauling and re-creating better habits and routines.  This way when school starts back up in the fall, we have everything in place to maintain and continue what we are starting.  We both have initial goals, so we will get to those and then see where else we want to go after that. 

*I also really need to start dress shopping.  Maybe not actively trying things on yet, but at least figuring out a design/style of dress.  I have literally no idea what I want to do with my dress.  My one bridesmaid who lives out of state is coming down to visit this summer, maybe while she is here I can arrange for all of them to go dress shopping with me one day and maybe do bridesmaid dresses, too.  But having an idea before we do all of that would be really nice.  Our wedding is about 13 months out but I get the feeling this year is just going to fly by so fast.  The more we get done over the summer, the better.  

*I have an almost four day weekend next weekend, because of Memorial Day and graduation on Friday, so this is probably going to eel like te longest week ever.  We’re doing a Field Day on Thursday, too, so it’s not even like we have this full week of school, it’s probably just going to feel really long.  It’s a super busy time of year anyway, but it’s going to feel like forever.  I say again, though, I just hope it’s cooler outside than it was last week.  That sweltering heat just makes me even more tired and sluggish.  And we have monster cicadas out already.  It’s so nasty.  I know they really don’t hurt you, but they just look gross (yes, I’m being that girl for a minute) and I can’t wait for them to go away.  

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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