Saturday Shorts


Hey ya’ll…..

*Can I first give a shout out to all my fellow educators right now. Virtual learning is not for the weak…at all. If you all are with me and made it through the first week or so of your school year, virtually, please join me for some wine, because…we need it.

*I managed to get a lot of my fall decorations up the past week or so and it’s making me happy because fall is amazing. And it actually feels like fall in Maryland. I don’t know what is going on, normally it’s still like 90 degrees for another few weeks. But, I look at the weather and it’s all pleasant looking for awhile. I’m not mad about it, at all, but I’m hoping we aren’t being lulled into a false sense of security….Maryland is famous for their “Indian summers” at the end of September/beginning of October. I’ve also found a ton of really cute fall decor on Amazon and Target that I’m putting a post together on it for Thursday. So if you’re looking for some decor, I gotchu…

*Devon and I realized that we haven’t taken our cars to get oil changes/regular service since….December or January. And I mean….why would we? I mean, I think we’ve put a total of like 2500 miles on both cars combined since March; and even that was just going to work and the grocery store from time to time. But we did finally make appointments on a day that we’re both off at the end of the month. Adulting is so glam, isn’t it?

*I forgot what it’s like having a kitten…especially a kitten with claws (because Maya was declawed before we adopted her). I literally spent like 2 hours kitten proofing our furniture over the weekend with those sticky pads that will keep cats from destroying it all. Krieger; being the smart little jerkface that he is; decided once I started covering the new couch to start clawing the hell out of the part I hadn’t covered yet. And he’s staring at me the whole time like; “mmmhmmm try and stop me!!” I’m fairly certain he takes after his father for his evil ways. He’s lucky he’s cute in other times because he definitely knows how to act like a butthead sometimes.

*Speaking of our new couch in the living room; I am so happy with it! It is the perfect size, it’s comfortable; I love the color, the quality is amazing. I am just really happy to be done with the “necessary” furniture for the house. Like I said before, we’re still getting some things here and there but all the necessities are done and it really feels a lot homier now that everything is where it’s supposed to be.

I think I’m just going to end this post with some Krieger Spam….so many people, I feel like, now follow me on Instagram for my random Krieger pictures and stories. I can’t really blame anyone…he is weirdly cute. Crazy….but cute.

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