Saturday Shorts


*Guess who got all Proficients in her “End of the Year/Final Evaluation”?!


We couldn’t get anything lower than “Basic” because of CoVid, so getting all Proficient is a nice pat on the back to me. So in case anyone was wondering, yeah…I’m a lot happier at my school this year than I was last year. Like I can’t even begin to describe it. It’s amazing.

* I finally broke down and got dinner bowls…pasta bowls…I don’t know, everyone calls them different things. But I’ve become such a burrito/protein/grain bowl person it’s just so much easier to eat those kind of things in a…well…bowl. I randomly made this BBQ chicken/southwestern style bowl the other day and ya’ll….it’s so good. I think I need to replicate it and actually make it a recipe here. It’s currently my favorite thing to eat of anything.

*I’ve been working with a fitness coach for a few weeks (this is the third week…I think) and considering how much I hate being told what to do and exercising….I am actually really enjoying this. I’ll share more about it probably in a few weeks, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a really long time.

*Our house is finally furnished……well…except the living room. And yes, I know we’ve lived in our house for like 9 months and it’s about time, I know. Is it still fully done? Not even a little bit, but at least all of our rooms have some sort of function and purpose to them at this point. Our living room is still just the sore point. It’s mostly because I can’t find a couch I like without it costing $1000+. Our living room isn’t huge and we won’t use it all the time, so it’s really just finding something that will fit the space (without overpowering it) and something in our budget. Now that we’re in a place of just, mostly, decorating I’m going to start sharing rooms and plans I have for each room. Like I said, we’re planning on being here for at least 5 years, so we’re truly looking into making this our comfortable home that we can grow in.

*We have our first “official” out of the house “event” to go to this weekend. I mean we’re having dinner at Devon’s Mom’s house…so I mean….it’ll be 4-5 people, tops, but still….we’re gonna get dressed, drive (one of our) cars and see people!! IN PERSON! After 2.5 months of being at home….IT’S CRAZY!

*I’ve had a couple people ask for updates about Maya and I….have one….but not….this isn’t really the forum for it in this post, I don’t think. She’s still with us and we’re taking some steps and there’s a lot on my heart about her (and a night that I spent a “good” sleeplessness night about her just sobbing on Devon’s shoulder), but I’ll do a full update in the next couple weeks as we fully make decisions and whatnot.

*Devon and I are trying to figure out what to do for our wedding anniversary in a month. I mean we’re, obviously, not doing “a lot” but if you’ve celebrated a “quarantine” anniversary and did something cute for it, I’m open to suggestions.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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