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What do you get your husband for Christmas?

No, seriously, I’m really asking.  

Normally, Devon is really good at telling me what he wants or at least giving me some sort of an idea.  This year, he did tell me two small things he wanted, which were video game related (I know…you’re shocked). 

But, I asked him again a couple of days ago because, ya know, Christmas is next week and he goes:

“Surprise me.”


First of all, he hates surprises.

Second of all, he sucks at being surprised.  

Third of all, I literally don’t know what to get him.  

A couple of the things I was going to get him (like new pajamas or a couple of new movies) he already bought himself, so that’s out. 

I already got him enough gaming stuff, so I’m not doing more of that. 

While he’s into geeky stuff, he’s not into cheesy geeky stuff, so I can’t just be like, “look, it’s a tray in the shape of a tardis!” 

No. He’ll look at me like I have five heads. 

He’s also not super romantically sentimental.  Like if I did like a cute gift of some kind, he’d be like, “awww, that’s cute” and be done.  That was also his basic reaction to our Christmas ornament this year. 


So, what is good to get your husband when he doesn’t necessarily NEED anything but you still want to give a decent surprise? 

And really, no idea would sound stupid…because he’s weird and likes weird things, so….give me your best shot. 


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