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Still Thankful One Year Later

If you’ve been around here for….at least the past year, you remember (probably very well) that my dear Devon proposed to me last Thanksgiving, so we’ve now been engaged for a year.

Yes, I know not “officially” a year, as Devon also lovingly reminded me last night since “Thanksgiving’s date usually changes from year to year.”

Thanks, mood killer.

So, TECHNICALLY, tomorrow is the one year “anniversary” of our engagement since Thanksgiving was the 24th last year. But  ya know, what I’m still saying it’s today.  It also means that we are (just about) exactly 7 months away from our wedding!

I cannot believe it’s been a year that we’ve been engaged and I can’t believe our wedding is in 7 months and that this time next year we’ll be celebrating our first holidays as a married couple.  It is mind-boggling to me and I can’t imagine being on this ride with anyone else.


Admittedly, part of this reflective thankfulness is coming from us taking part in our friends wedding this weekend.  It’s one of Devon’s best friends, they’ve been best friends since like elementary school, and Devon is a groomsmen.  We had the rehearsal dinner a couple of nights ago and we picked up Devon’s tux for the wedding yesterday, so all of this wedding stuff is just making me a little sentimental.

Plus, Devon looks so handsome in a tuxedo.  Like…..I can’t even.  In 13 years, I’ve never seen him in a tux or suit of any kind because he despises them (it’s like how I despise dresses). So, when we went yesterday to pick his up, he tried it on (because there were some issues of fit with the other guys) and even without the tie on, I was just big heart eyes everywhere.  There are a couple of clips of it up on my Instagram stories, that I’m probably going to repeat on there for the next couple of days because I can. He was cursing me the whole time but I don’t care; he looked so handsome, even without the tie. It makes me look even more forward to seeing him in a tux for our wedding.

Outside of the semi-superficial desire to see my soon-to-be husband in a suit; we have been through so much together this year.  Between me changing schools/being unemployed (albeit very temporarily), his decision to leave his school, my mother’s cancer diagnosis, my gut issues that leave me feeling crappy often (which I’m having an endoscopy done in a couple weeks, so we’ll see if we get answers there), work stress, life stress, planning a wedding; and even more that I’m probably temporarily forgetting.

We’ve been through so much and even through all of that we’ve gotten to enjoy this stage of our life of being engaged and having time to plan a wedding so that we aren’t doing it crazily (like our friends did).  And this over sentimental time isn’t just falling on me, which is a bit different; because while Devon is nostalgic, he’s not always super sentimental (at least not outwardly).

We were in the car after the rehearsal dinner Tuesday night and we were coming to an intersection, the light was turning red and instead of me gunning it like I sometimes do, I actually just stopped.  When I did that, Devon reaches over to hold my hand and says to me:

“So you stopping [for once] reminded me….you remember our first “official” date?”

“Yup, we went to the Aquarium.”

“Mmhmm an we were heading back to pick up my car and we were on Joppa Road and the light just barely turned yellow and you like slammed on the brakes to stop despite the fact that you were clearly just over the line enough and could have easily made it through the light.  But you didn’t, all because you wanted to spend that extra 90 seconds in the car with me?”

“I do remember that.  I just wasn’t trying to get a ticket”

“Liar, you never cared before.  You just wanted a couple extra minutes with the Bankster {don’t worry that name isn’t staying}.”


And look at how much trouble that’s getting me into now…..

But I adore that man and he knows it and I am so thankful that I have him to go through life with me.  I know I could handle life on my own, but having him makes some things easier and makes pretty much everything more fun.  I really look forward to seeing what this next year of marriage and more changes takes us.  And I especially look forward to our first married Thanksgiving next year.

The Banks’s are coming!


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