FabFitFun Fall box 2017

Fall FabFitFun Unboxing!

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down to write this FabFitFun unboxing post and just haven’t.  Not because this season’s box wasn’t exciting (because it’s oddly my favorite so far), it’s mostly just because life has been so busy that I haven’t had the time to do this amazing box justice.

But, since I extended my Thanksgiving Break by a day (mental health day, ftw) I figured now would be a good time to give this the box out pouring of love that it fully deserves. This season’s box was a complete win, there isn’t a single thing in the box I don’t like, can’t use, or haven’t already been using.

If you’ve never heard of this subscription box (because for some reason you decided to completely unplug from life and move to another planet) FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box filled with personal care products, lifestyle helpers, clothing, accessories, jewelry, fitness products and more.  The best part is you receive all full sized products, so you’re not just getting a sample size that may last a week, you’re getting a full product that can last you a really long time.

Each box costs $49.99 which seems high, initially, but again these are full size products (and you only get four boxes a year) and each box is guaranteed to have at least $250 worth of products; and most of mine have had over $300 worth of products.  The value of the products I received in my box this season (as I just totaled them all up) is $397! Seriously.  Almost $400 worth of products for under $50 and AGAIN all products I will use!  Even if you don’t like an item (which has happened) pretty much everything in here makes for great gifts!

The other really cool thing that I like about this subscription box is every season they are sponsoring a charity and donating part of the proceeds of the season to help that charity. This season they are supporting UNICEF, which as an educator, I absolutely love.  Every child does have the right to an education, no matter what their background or living conditions are.  UNICEF partnering with FabFitFun will help bring education to more children who desperately need it.


First of all, I always love opening the box, it’s always so bright and colorful and just from looking at it, I almost never know where to start because it all just looks so fun!

FabFitFun Fall box 2017

But to know me, is to know….I’m gonna go for the wrap first.  #scarfqueen.

This is definitely for those who get cold easily (or if you’re like me and just live for anything draped around your neck).  It’s huge and super warm.  We had a Juniors vs. Seniors football game at school about a week ago, on the coldest day so far this year, so I definitely had this on (along with my big coat) and I was nice and toasty.  Plus, it is so soft, I almost wish it was blanket size so I could use it more at home.  The brand is Mer-Sea & Co, who is also teamed up with water.org to make clean water available to women and children in developing countries (bonus charity is even more reason to love it).

Mer-Sea & Co Scarf

If you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to leave your jewelry in a big pile on the table at the end of the day (instead of back in your jewelry box  – yes, Devon, I agreed, I don’t do it).  And then when you go to put it on the next time, it’s a huge jumbled mess and if you’re also like me, you get pretty annoyed with yourself every time, but keep doing it.

This cute little Rose Gold and Ceramic Jewelry Holder from IMM LIVING is perfect for my bedside table which is where most of my everyday jewelry winds up.  It’s just the right size to hold my necklace(s), watch, Alex and Ani bangle, engagement ring and any other little bobbles I might be wearing.  While I do keep most of my less worn jewelry in my jewelry box, this has become my go-to piece for my everyday items.

IMM LIVING Jewelry holder

I’ve always heard amazing things about Mud Masks (especially for those of us prone to oily skin) but have never actually tried one, so I’m really excited to try out this Renewing Mud Mask from Whish Beauty.  This mask has a ton of all-natural ingredients such as betonite clay, aloe and rosehip oil to help smooth skin and slow down the aging process.  It also smells really good, which for me is always a plus.

Whish Beauty Mud Mask

Admittedly, I’m never the girl that’s super into lip products.  If I do wear anything more than balm, I usually try to stick to neutral/barely there kind of colors because I’m not a huge fan of my lips standing out (don’t ask me why, I’m not really sure).  When I saw this Lip Crayon from Trestique I wasn’t super impressed (except for being amused that the cap is magnetic so it literally snaps back on and makes a cool noise – we know I like weird things), but the color is actually really pretty and pretty light, plus the formula is not heavy, which is a reason why I hate lip products most of the time.

One side is color and the other side is a clear gloss BB lip balm to add shine and moisture to the color.  I tried to swatch it on my hand so you could see the two; the top is clearly….ahem….the clear topcoat and the bottom is the color.  I do like that they are on the same product; it makes my lip-product-challenged life easier.

Trestique lip crayon

I am not the best at going to the gym….but this gym bag is just really cute anyway.  It’s by Private Party and it’s mae of a really soft denim.  It’s all cotton and not super heavy and is just the right size for those of you that actually go to the gym.  It could easily hold shoes, a towel, change of clothes and a good snack.

Private Party Gym Bag

This Lavender Cuticle Oil by Deco Miami is love.  My cuticles are always rough and dry and this stuff is saving them so much.  If I know I’m going to be working or not rubbing my hands together for a bit, I’ll put this stuff on and just let it soak in and my cuticles have been looking softer ever since.  Plus, it just smells good.  I’ve mentioned I’m a sucker for good smelling things, right?

Deco Miami Cuticle Oil

I do also enjoy multi-purpose items, so the fact that this pack can be used hot or cold is pretty awesome.  If you’re someone know needs ice packs or heating packs regularly for body aches or pains, this is great, plus it’s a convenient size to take with you traveling.  I actually took this guy to work because my desk chair has a tendency to wreak havoc with my back if I sit in it for long periods of time, so I’ll occasionally throw this in our microwave for a few seconds and put it between my back and chair to help relax some of the knots out.


It’s like FabFitFun knew I needed a new belt and just hadn’t gotten around to getting one yet.  I love basic belts that I can wear with pretty much anything and this simple tan and gold “Mia” belt from B-Low The Belt fits pretty much every specificity I have.  It’s a synthetic leather but so soft and supple, you’d never know it was fake.  I’ve worn it with dress pants and jeans and works with pretty much any look.

I have heard so many great things about activated charcoal in regards to teeth whitening so this is pretty exciting for me.  I’m actually having professional whitening done before the wedding (because thanks to an allergic reaction to medication when I was younger I’ve had a stain on a tooth forever) but I love the thought of keeping this stuff around for periodic touch-ups.  This is an organic blend of activated charcoal and coconut oil, all of which are highly regarded as powerful stain lifters and have tons of health benefits for your teeth and gums.  I haven’t tried it yet, just out of lack of time, but it’s sitting in my bathroom just waiting for me to dig in! I do also like that it comes with a toothbrush so there is no mistaking which brush to use for this.

MOLR Dental club

From time to time FFF adds a little extra to their boxes and this month they added a small pocket size pack of Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths. Might not be everyone’s favorite subject to talk about but I do have to say…..I do kind of like these….and we’ll leave it at that.


If you are interested in checking out FabFitFun in time for their Winter Collection boxes, head on over here where you will also be able to get $10 off your first box. So instead of paying $49.99, it’ll only be $39.99 for at least $250 worth of products! It’s definitely worth the cost and definitely my favorite subscription box to date!

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