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We have 2 months, officially, as of today, until our wedding.

Holy mother of god…..

Like…..we’re now at the point where we’ve done so much for the wedding and so much is in process, that I don’t actually remember half of what I’ve done anymore.  So much, that I wound up making a list in order to write this post and I probably still missed a couple of things.

I’ve been trying to figure out if I should put everything that has been done in order of when we did it, in order of importance or….I don’t know.  I can’t think of a logical way to do it that doesn’t make my brain want to implode, so let’s just list out what has been done. Lists are my life anyway.



  • Invitations are done and mailed out!  YES!

Well…..mostly.  Really the only ones left are some of Devon’s family because he doesn’t know their address and he keeps forgetting to text his Mom to get it….we’ll probably just hand it to them anyway and we know they’re coming, so it’s not a huge deal, anyway.  I love our invitations; they’re simple but just really pretty and well done, plus, I love the humor in them.  invite

What is even more exciting, is we’ve gotten some RSVP’s back already! Most fitting is the fact that our first RSVP came back from friends of ours from college.  It made me laugh and made me happy all at the same time.  Plus we haven’t seen them in awhile so it will be so great to have them there.



  • Bridesmaids dresses are picked out and ordered!

Two of my bridesmaids have already picked theirs up, which is great because most of them need alterations (especially for my now pregnant bridesmaid who is pregnant with twins!…yes, twins!!).  We went with a simple but pretty dress for all of them that is flattering.  Plus, it’ll be comfortable for the end of June weather.  Now they just need to get shoes together.  As apathetic as I was to the dresses, I am also pretty apathetic to the shoes.

  • My bachelorette “party” has been planned and the date is set!

It’s a “party” because I’m not really a huge partier; it’s just not how my life works.  When I think about how I want to celebrate going into married-life, I just want to want to hang out with my girls, drinking wine, talking about randomness and just hanging out.  So my bridesmaids went in on a hotel suite in Baltimore for a night where we can all hang out, sleep, eat, recreate, etc; people can stay the night or go home, whatever works.  But it’s exactly what I want.  So, basically my bachelorette party is an adult slumber party and that’s pretty awesome for me.

  • We finally had our venue planning!

I know, it took forever for it to happen.  Between illness and last minute events, it was a cycle of annoying events.  But, we finally did it and got everything hashed out that we needed to do to make sure everything is how we want it.  We picked out our linens and place settings and most importantly THE FOOD!

Even though the lighting was horrible in the reception area we were selecting in, I did manage to get a little sneak peek photo to show off some of our choices for the tables:


Now, we did not get pictures of the food, but I ASSURE you it’s DELICIOUS.  And, there is going to be so much food, no one will leave hungry.  There are 8 appetizers; three different “signature” drinks, surf and turf main course, two sides, desserts…..So. Much. Food.  Including; crab cakes, lamb chops, salmon, fondue bar….it’s going to be so good.  All we need to do now is finalize our cake flavors and we’re good to go.

  • We also finalized a lot with our DJ/Officiant

Since we are an efficient people, the DJ and Officiant are one in the same; my friend Bobby from HS.  He’s an amazing DJ and is fully on board with the fact that we essentially want the worlds quickest ceremony so we can get to the fun of the reception.  He knows he will be playing the electric slide, chacha slide, etc probably about a dozen times and that Motown is the genre of choice for most of the family.  He’s totally good with all of it and is also on board with my love of 90’s music.  It’s gonna be a hell of a party!

  • We also picked up our marriage certificate!

This was a lot more exciting than I thought it was going to be.  Something about seeing the marriage being all legal and whatnot was fun.  Although, I will say having to go to the county where we are performing the ceremony doesn’t seem horrible; when the courthouse is an hour and a half away from your house….it’s turns into something a bit more cumbersome than anticipated (and since it’s only valid for like 3 months, it’s not like we could just pick it up anytime).  We intended this to be a quick morning errand and it turned into like a 4 hour long event. Needless to say, we are happy we have it, but even happier we didn’t have a huge day planned for the day we got this.

  • I figured out my hair situation.

Which is like first world problem, I know.  But, I’ve mentioned many times how much it was driving me crazy.  I just decided to just put it all up; no half-up, ultimately when the curls fall or something happens it will make me crazy and the last stressor I need is my hair.  So I am thinking something like this style:

It’s really soft and pretty, but will definitely hold up for the night and in the Maryland summer heat, so I’m all about it.  I made my hair appointment so everything hair is nice and set for the day.

There’s a lot done….and still so much to do and two months to do it all.  Part of me wants thee months to fly by and part of is like nurturing every moment that I have.

For now, I’m going to put this post to bed because it’s starting to make my head spin a little.  But, as a parting gift, I did put my rings together in my wedding ring box (I’m not excited for this at all, right?).  Since Devon thinks it’s superstitious for me to wear it at all before the wedding, I at least wanted to see them together in the box, so…..here’s a sneak peek of what will be on my finger in two months!

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