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I know it is a weird time in our country right now and I know some people feel like normal life isn’t really normal right now.

And I fully respect that. And I empathize with the fear and uncertainty that a lot of people are feeling right now.

While I’ve never been a person who shies away from a controversial or hot-button topics and while I feel like I’ve said my peace on Instagram already; I’ll say this much again here:

The only thing I know I can control through all of this is me. I’m social distancing and, pretty much, quarantining myself (along with Devon) to help to do my part in flattening the curve. My house is well and healthy and we are still trying to maintain as much normalcy as possible.

I also plan on keeping things here as normal as possible. Which means posting about the topics I always post about and highlighting things that I want to. I likely won’t focus much on the national situation unless something happens and I feel it’s relevant here. Even on Instagram my goal is to keep it lighter and be a place to escape the constant bombardment of news regarding Coronavirus. I can’t sit and listen to it all the time and most people I know can’t either, so it’s important to me to keep things normal during this time.

If that upsets or offends you, please feel free to unfollow for now or focus on what you need to focus on. Everyone needs to do what is best for them right now and best for their mental and physical health. This is what I feel is best for mine.

That being said, I’m still doing my weekly sale post because there are some good deals going on this weekend. I also get the feeling a lot of people are doing more shopping online right now (hopefully) than in person.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Madewell — 25% off everything site wide w/code WHATASALE

Old Navy — 30% off your entire purchase no code needed.

Macy’s — 40-70% off site wide + an extra 25-70% off clearance.

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