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Memorial Day Sales

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I hope, even though we’re still in the throws of this pandemic that everyone is having a great and safe holiday weekend.

We typically go to Devon’s grandparents house for Memorial Day weekend, but given their age and the state of everything, they decided to not do a big feast like they would normally; which is understandable. So, some parts of the family are doing some smaller get togethers but our part of the family is continuing to keep our distance because it’s what we feel most comfortable doing.

Which basically means I’m home and shopping the sales. I feel like Memorial Day is kind of the “unofficial” outdoors sale time and now that we actually have outdoor space, I’m actually interested in seeing what there is to offer.

And I did already make one large purchase this weekend in a grill. We kept going back and forth on whether we wanted a charcoal or a gas grill and we wound up finding a great deal on a dual fuel grill, so we’re getting the best of both worlds.

It had amazing review on Walmart.com as well as Amazon. It did mention that it’s a pain in the butt to put together, but once it’s together it’s amazing. So we’re very excited to get that in a couple weeks. And of course in thinking of our backyard, I also started thinking about the front yard, so basically I’m looking a lot at outdoor furniture and spaces this Memorial Day weekend which is what my roundup pretty much revolves around.

Kohl’s: Extra 20% off w/code REFRESH20

Target: Extra 25% off patio items, no code needed.

Wayfair: Up to 70% off outdoor furniture, no code needed.

Walmart: Up to 45% off patio furniture.

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