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You know those weeks where one thing after another just seems to happen?

Welcome to my life the past week.

I went last weekend to try and get my car fixed (something was leaking) and it turns out they didn’t have the part in stock so I had to bring it back this past Thursday.

I take it Thursday and I add in a repair to a headlight that doesn’t seem to work anymore (apparently a fuse blew) which means they have to hold it over to Friday so they can order the fuse and replace it. While it’s there it also needs to have the front brakes resurfaced…

Then when I get it back all was fine until yesterday when it sounds like something is off when I brake. The brakes work fine, so maybe they didn’t put something back on properly?

Regardless…I have to take it back to the shop again.

Cars are so expensive y’all. I’m also kind of annoyed because I feel like I’m repairing my car a lot. Like more than I should considering it’s only five years old. So I’m weighing some options here, I don’t know where I’m going from here…

Also my cat hurt her back paw, somehow, so I had to take her to the vet on Tuesday for an antibiotic shot.

Legit one of those weeks.

But anyway…onto the real reason you’re here at the moment.

Though if I’m being honest, the only sale that really excited me this weekend is the extra 25% off at Anthropologie for Anthroperks members. Sales of any kind are pretty few and far between for Anthro so to have 25% off EVERYHTING is pretty exciting.

If you aren’t an Anthro Perks member, you can sign up here. If you are a member just make sure to log in to your account to take advantage of the savings.

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