Anniversary Trip

I think we finally decided on a trip for our anniversary!

I know this is monumental news for everyone and you have all been waiting on pins and needles in anticipation.

But considering how indecisive we are as people, this is pretty big news.

So, we have decided that we are going to…….

Denver, Colorado!


I know it sounds like an odd place for a summer vacation, but when you think about it…knowing us…it makes a lot of sense.  We aren’t really beach people, we don’t like extreme heat in the summer, sooooo a cooler mountainous climate makes a lot of sense.

I actually do also have family there, though I’m not super interested in seeing them, but I do have a couple of friends there that I’m a lot more interested in seeing.


I’ve heard a lot about the restaurants in Denver as well as, obviously, the sites to see, but I’m always open to suggestions from anyone who has been there.

If you have visited/lived there, drop a comment below and let me know what is a must see while we are there!


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