Binge-Worthy TV Shows

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t get it together? 

That’s been my life today.  I worked most of the day and this was scheduled to post, forever ago.  It was just about an hour ago that I sat down and realized that it never happened; coincidentally when I sat down to binge our show for the night.  

If you’ve been here at all, you know Devon and I are both happy little introverts and are more than happy to sit at home in the evenings and binge watch something on TV.

Since I see a lot of “what should I binge watch next?” on Facebook and Instagram, I figured I’d share what we’re bingeing lately.  Mind you, we are not typically people who watch the “super popular” shows, so if you’re looking for that, you’re in the wrong place. We do like funny shows because we don’t typically like to take TV too seriously after a long day.

So, if you need a new show, check out some of these:


The Practice

Yeah, I just said we don’t do a lot of “heavy” TV but this has a good bit of humor to it and the storylines are really easy to follow.  It’s just really good TV.  Finding it on DVD is difficult, but it has been on a random cable channel recently so we’ve essentially just DVR’ed the series until we can find the whole series on DVD somewhere.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show is AMAZING!  It’s essentially the cop version of Parks and Recreation but a lot funnier.  There hasn’t been an episode yet that we haven’t enjoyed.  It could use more Nick Offerman but Andre Braugher is holding his own pretty well.  I’m also pretty excited that NBC picked it up now that Fox cancelled it.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I admit, this one I can take and leave from time to time, but Tituss Burgess is everything. I could watch him all day and be perfectly happy.  Kimmy can be a bit annoying but again all things Tituss, I’m on board with.


Home Improvement

I mean….it’s just a good classic show, am I right?  It clearly couldn’t have been too bad for Tim Allen to essentially do the same show again just with daughters (*cough* Last Man Standing *cough*) but there is no comparing to the original.


Jessica Jones

Are you really surprised we binged this?  I feel like season 1 was a bit better but Season 2 does have its merits and does get better as the season goes on.  Plus….David Tennant…need I say more?


What are you binge watching these days? 


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