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Block Party Summer

Now that we are in the 27th month of quarantine….

I mean, I know not really…but doesn’t it feel like it?

If you’re anything like Devon and I, you’ve finally reached the end of your “Watch List” on Netflix or Hulu or whatever you use, which admittedly feels really weird. Our list, at one point, was so long that we thought we wouldn’t be able to ever get through it. And yet, about 3.5 months into being at home all the time, we’ve pretty much exhausted everything.

I also fully admit that we are people who probably watch a lot more TV than some people do. We pretty much always have it on in the background just for background noise if we aren’t actively watching it. But we do also actively watch it daily (I mean….spend 24/7 in your home, what else are you going to do?) especially in the evenings after dinner.

Now if you are my age (early/mid 30’s) or older, you likely remember back in the day when Nick@Nite did their Block Party Summer marathons. Every night they marathoned a different show from like the 1960’s-70’s, etc? If you’re my age, you remember things like “Munsters Monday” “Bewitched BeWednesdays”, that kind of thing?

I know they’ve also done it more recently with more recent shows like Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land, but for me it’s not the same as the really “retro” shows.

At some point, randomly in the past couple weeks Devon goes “we should do our own Block Party Summer!”

My first reaction was to laugh because really…only Devon would think of this. To which he’s like, “no seriously because we can do…”

And he rattles off his ideas for each night.

This is how Devon works, mind you. He has some random idea and within like 2 minutes he actually has it fully worked out into a full, feasible plan that sounds very logical and possible.

So, we started doing it last week and I have to admit; not only do I like the kind of nostalgic feeling of it (between just doing “Block Party Summer” and the shows we picked. But some of these shows we haven’t seen in years, so it’s like rediscovering a lot of our favorites again and remembering a lot of things that we forgot.

We are doing:

Monday: Married with Children

Tuesday: I Love Lucy

Wednesday: Bewitched

Thursday: Sanford and Son

Friday: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I realized when you say it together; Thursday doesn’t really make sense with the alliteration like the rest do. But Devon realized, as he was planning this out in his head, that he had shows from all different decades:

  • I Love Lucy – 1950’s
  • Bewitched – 1960’s
  • Married with Children – 1980’s
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – 1990’s

But he was missing a show from the 1970’s, so in came Sanford and Son. Apparently he really wanted to do The Jeffersons, but we don’t actually own that on DVD and it was crazy expensive on Amazon, so we went with what he had.

Welcome to my husbands mind, by the way.

But seriously if you have also exhausted your Netflix or Hulu queue; maybe it’s time to pull out some DVD’s and have yourself a nightly TV show marathon.

Now, I know, I am someone who has a ridiculous amount of DVD’s and series on DVD just chilling in my basement (again, thank the husband and his obsessive collecting) but you can also find a lot of classic, full series, shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.. Or use whatever series you already own!

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