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2 Years Down…98 To Go…

Tomorrow is our second wedding anniversary and I feel like more has happened in the past two years of our lives than in the decade plus before it.

Between job and school changes, moving into our new home, being quarantined for the past three months together (and surviving), coping with loss, traveling, trying to conceive….whew…..

And that’s not even all the things, I don’t think.

Last year on an anniversary trip to Virginia Wine Country, we made three big goals for our second year of marriage:
1. Moving into our first house
2. I would change jobs/schools to one that didn’t cause my infinite amount of stress
3. We would start trying to conceive.

All three of those things have happened; two have just been a bit more successful than the other. We moved into our house this past August and I started a new school that re-energized me and actually made me enjoy my profession again. We’re working on the TTC thing….well…kind of.

We actually stopped TTC to conceive for a little while. Back in February I had, what my doctor believes, was a chemical pregnancy. My period was almost two weeks late and my body just felt different; not bad but different. When I tested and saw a faint positive, it was emotional and even more emotional when I found out that it didn’t really take.

I never really talked about it here and very few people knew in my day-to-day life, so I just tried to, outwardly, pretend like it didn’t happen. But privately it stressed me out a lot. So we decided to pause trying for awhile. Even with Covid-19 and us being home (and it really being a prime time to really give it a good try) we decided to take a few months off and we decided we’ll start trying again when we’re both ready.

This year, our anniversary will look very different from last year. We’re still home and planning on hanging out close to home for the day itself. Devon mentioned that he’s cooking dinner but won’t tell me what he’s making, so that’s going to be a fun surprise.

I am kind of sad that we can’t do our anniversary trip like we wanted to. We’ve always said that we wanted to go places for our anniversary instead of getting each other things that, while would be thoughtful, would just be “things” that would just sit around the house and gather dust. This year we were thinking of going to Arizona.

Devon’s idea…don’t ask me…he has a random thing for Arizona these days. I don’t get it either.

But Covid had other ideas.

But it’s okay. We’ll get to his beloved Arizona at some point in life.

And tomorrow night while we’re having dinner (whatever it is) we’ll talk about what we want for the next year of our marriage/life. Many other things will happen during this next year, as it is with every year, but hopefully next year will be filled more normalcy and more happy occasions and less sad/trying times.

Regardless of what happens, I get to spend the next year of my life with my favorite person on the planet and there is no one I would rather navigate life with than my husband.

2 Years Down….98 to go….

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