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Casserole = Moist

You know how everyone you know (and likely, you included) have an aversion to the word “moist”?

That’s pretty much how I feel about the word “casserole”.  It is the one word in the English language that just makes me cringe and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It’s the same unexplainable reaction people have to the word “moist”, and the word “moist” doesn’t even bother me.

I know about half of you have probably already stopped reading because I’ve said the word “moist” about half a dozen times already.

I apologize.

When I am on Pinterest or reading a cookbook and I see the word “casserole”; it’s over and done.  It doesn’t matter how delicious sounding the rest of the title sounds, “casserole” kills it for me every time.  I don’t know if that makes me a food snob but if it does, I’ll wear that title with pride.

All my brain envisions when I see that word is a rectangular, glass baking dish filled with beige food, most of which is cream of some sort of soup and noodles or rice that is all congealed or is super soft with little to no texture/crunch.

Kinda like this:

chicken casseroletuna casseroletuna noodle casserola

Now, I just googled these pictures and am, obviously, not the original owner, but I did try to get the most generic pictures I could find, so if the owners happen to read this, I mean no disrespect to your specific recipes, at all.

It’s just not my jam.

This is not to say I don’t do one-pot or one-dish meals, which is essentially what casseroles are, but even if it was close to a casserole, I would never call it that.  I typically use the word “bake” or “meal” or even “one-pot” or “one-pan” whatever it is.

I just cannot get past the word “casserole”, I don’t know what it is.  But that’s why I equate it to “moist” because most people also have no real idea what it is about that word that is so cringe-worthy, it just is what it is.

The only justification I’ve been able to give the word that I despise so much is that I also am not okay with cooking things with cream of random soup in them and a lot of the times, when you see casserole recipes, they have cream of something soup in it, and I’m not down with that.  This is likely what  makes me the food snob and, like I said, if that’s so I’ll wear the title with pride.

But I will see good looking food pics on Pinterest and the second it says “cream of” anything…we’re done, we’re out, it’s not happening.  I’ve never been the person that says my food has to be all natural or vegan or paleo or anything like that, but it also can’t be cream of something soup either.

I CANNOT be the only person in this world with food aversions like this, right? What are some other things that freak people out just by hearing it (and yes, I know “moist” is for everyone)?

There’s no way I’m the only weirdo.

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