Food Pasta

Italian Pasta Salad

Happy Spring everyone! While I’m typically not super into the seasons that bring really hot and humid weather to the mid-atlantic (which can happen in the spring as evidenced by it being 78 on Saturday), this year is a bit different. Later this spring we will be welcoming our new baby boy into our home, …

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cookbooks collection
Budget Food Meal Planning Monday

Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks

If you read my post last week about us doing a No-Spend Month, you saw one of our biggest goals was to decrease our takeout/delivery spending. My first trimester, I was significantly more tired than I was used to, and while I still get tired more easily, it’s not to the degree that it was …

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Celiac Food Uncategorized

Gluten-Free Pizza Amazement

So we need to talk about frozen pizzas. Specifically gluten-free ones because…well… I can’t eat regular ones anymore…. Obviously. Before my celiac diagnosis, Devon and I were always people that had a store-bought pizza in the freezer for nights when we didn’t feel like cooking anything because they’re easy to just throw in the oven …

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Trader Joe's finds
Food Trader Joe's

Fall Trader Joe’s Finds!

Happy Fall everyone!!! I mean, at least according to the calendar; it surely doesn’t feel like it here in the mid-atlantic with high’s up around 90 today. I swear, I have so many cute fall clothes I need to wear and I need to not die of heat stroke just by walking outside (because I …

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Food Foodie Healthy Eating

Gluten-Free Snacks

Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics on the planet: Snacks. I am a person who snacks, a lot.  Part of it is I think I’m a grazer at heart.  I love eating, but there is just something about snacking that is so satisfying.  Plus, I’m an educator.  The days I get to sit …

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Food Shopping

Top 7 Aldi Favorites

I’m fairly certain at this point you all have met my love of Aldi, particularly if you follow me on Instagram. Aldi is one of the most budget friendly grocery stores that have ever existed.  Despite the fact that they’re usually about half the size of typical grocery stores, it’s still pretty easy to do …

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chicken burrito bowl
Food Recipe

Chicken Burrito Bowls

See, I promised you these burrito bowls would make their way to the blog soon enough! Since my celiac diagnosis at the end of last year and having to be gluten-free, I find myself gravitating more toward Mexican-inspired food and restaurants.  Don’t get me wrong, Italian food is still my love of loves; but Mexican …

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