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No Spend Challenge – The End!

As promised in my initial No Spend Post – I wanted to share the results of our month of trying to curb our spending from the holiday season. Like I stated in the initial post, this month was meant to be more of a financial reset for us than anything else. With the holidays, like …

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cookbooks collection
Budget Food Meal Planning Monday

Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks

If you read my post last week about us doing a No-Spend Month, you saw one of our biggest goals was to decrease our takeout/delivery spending. My first trimester, I was significantly more tired than I was used to, and while I still get tired more easily, it’s not to the degree that it was …

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No Spend Challenge

I feel like between the months of November and December we spend so much money in our house. Obviously, part of it is because we’re buying gifts, but the sales are also always so good that we use that time to replace things around the house or upgrade/update things/spaces that are showing wear. While we …

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Budget Challenge

So I’ve mentioned before that Devon and I are toying with the idea of buying a house in the next couple years. Well, I might not have mentioned the “couple years” part before.  But….yeah….. So, we’ve actively began a budget and curbing some unnecessary spending binges (like Devon’s Amazon addiction) and my….lots of binges.  We’re …

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