Francescas Emelia Floral Blouse
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #12

It’s finally Friday again!  Yay!

I’m trying to figure out what I’m in the mood to make for dinner this weekend.  I’m also trying to figure out what I want to prep for lunches next week.  Such dilemmas I have.

But, you all should be very proud of me.  I’m actually doing a more “business casual” kind of Casual Friday this week.  So, this is something I could actually wear to work…ya know…if I was allowed to.

Plus, it’s actually sunny and not hopelessly cold outside like it has been the past few weeks, so I’m okay with actually getting dressed and not just staying in my pajamas all day…kinda, anyway.

Again, you all have met my love of the flare jean.  I think it’s such a classic and chic silhouette and it works really well in a professional setting.  Granted, I am also still pretty excited at the amount of play flare and wide leg pants are getting again; DEATH TO THE SKINNY JEAN!

current/elliot wray flare jeansThese flare jeans from Current/Elliot are so pretty and look so flattering.  They aren’t distressed, so they are the perfect pant for a Casual Friday look.  They are comfortable but still look polished enough that you could wear them to a meeting.  


Francescas Emelia Floral Blouse

I really like this top from Francesca’s.  It has a really cute floral print and looks like something you could easily wear with anything and it really helps to dress up the jeans a little bit.  Since it’s long sleeves, it’s great for winter but the colors make it seem like it would be an easy spring transition piece, as well.


Bobeau Double Breasted Blazer

This white Bobeau blazer would also make a great transition piece into spring, and since I’m not against a good crisp white blazer in winter, it’d be great to keep you warm if you’re in a colder state, as well.  I think a good white blazer is a closet staple.  I’ve had one for several years and will always have one in my closet.  


Calvin Klein Ghita Flats

Obviously, you could easily wear heels with this, but I’m not typically someone who does wear heels, because my feet hate them.  So, these cute Calvin Klein flats would do well to balance out the causal yet work-appropriate look that we’re going for.  


Baublebar Amber Beaded Lariat

The neckline of the floral blouse seems to be calling for some sort of jewelry around it so this multi-strand lariat would provide just enough bling without deflecting from the floral pattern.  


I hope everyone has a great Friday!

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