Casual Friday

Casual Fri…Thursday? #22

It’s not Friday, but I have another post planned for tomorrow to close out Celiac Awareness Month, so I’m switching some things for today.

It’s currently Thursday…and it’s storming…AGAIN here in Maryland. I swear the amount of severe weather we’ve gotten in this state recently has to be a record of some kind. Between tornados in places that don’t typically get them (like my neighborhood), hail, every thunderstorm being a severe one…AND we’ve already got triple digit temperatures happening.


I’m fairly certain this summer is going to kill me.

Because of that, I did something I don’t typically do/am not known to do or wear because….I just dislike them most of the time; but….

I bought two pairs of shorts yesterday.



If you’re someone who’s known me for years, you’re probably falling over in amazement because the last time I wore shorts was….like 4 years ago when I worked in a summer camp and had to wear shorts every day or else I was going to die of heat exhaustion.

I prefer pants/jeans/legs covered; it’s just how I work. But if we’re going to be living in a 100 degree climate, like we were yesterday; I can’t handle pants if I have to be outside for more than five minutes. It’s just not going to work.

So, I went to my current store obsession (because at this point, that’s pretty much all we can call it) Old Navy yesterday and grabbed a couple of pairs of their shorts because they were on sale and I’ve heard really good things about them through my interweb perusing.

First I grabbed these linen shorts, because…well…I own pretty much every color of the pant version (no surprise right?).

Old Navy Mid-Rise Linen Blend Shorts 4inch

I also grabbed a pair of the slim 5″ denim cuffed shorts.

Old Navy Slim 5" inseam Demin Cuff Shorts

Both of these are pretty basic, which is why I gravitated toward them. If I’ms someone who isn’t going to wear shorts, when I do wear them I want them to be able to go with anything in my closet.

Obviously, you could just pair either of these with a graphic tee and your blistering hot weather attire is done.

Like this one:

Everywear Stand Together Tee Old Navy

But if you’re like me and like to wear more than a tee most of your life; I’d likely pair these with something like:

If you want to be a little more covered on top since you’re less covered on bottom:

Relaxed Square Neck Textured Top

Or a little more weather friend with:

Ruffle Trim Flutter sleeve top


Square Neck Embroidered Top

I get the feeling I’ll be wearing these shorts a lot this summer…ya know…when I’m not cowering in a corner because of all the tornado warnings Maryland seems to be fond of right now. (Like the one that happened as I was writing this post).

Here’s hoping your weather is less curmudgeonly than mine is being lately!

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