Aerie X Marvel Sweatshirt
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #15

This wound up being a three day work week for me due to the holiday on Monday and snow on Wednesday, and I’m still so tired today.

I just did not want to wake up this morning.

However, I would like to note, I do still like having Wednesday’s off and would still fully support a four day week…but…sleepy right now.

Because of sleepy and because I’m so obsessed with the fact that my beloved yoga pants are fully back in stock on Aerie, today’s Casual Friday is more of an athleisure kind of look.  I’d so rather be in this than in work clothes at the moment.

I also heard that today is National Margarita Day, so this could also make a good stay-home-and-drink-margs-tonight outfit.

But these pants…

Aerie Chill High Waist Flare Yoga Pants

These pants are everything!  They have a ton of stretch, so soft, so comfortable.  I literally live in these pants most of the year.  I don’t typically wear them outside, because for me they are more lounging pants, but obviously, you can.  

Aerie X Marvel Sweatshirt

I think this sweatshirt is so cute and I like that it’s kind of sassy.  Apparently, Aerie and Marvel are collaborating, maybe that’s also why I like it, but I mostly like it because it’s sassy.  It looks like it’s nice and warm without being suffocating like some sweatshirts can be.  

Aerie Real Soft Ribbed Tank

I’d throw this tank underneath since I like my sweatshirts to be a bit oversized. 

Aerie Crew Socks

And socks…because if you don’t like socks in the winter, I’m not sure we can be friends. 


I hope everyone had a great Friday!


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