Gluten-Free Shout-Out to Trader Joe’s!

With Celiac Awareness Month winding down, I wanted to close out all the Celiac/Gluten-Free friendly content by giving a shout out to Trader Joe’s because I think their gluten-free selection is pretty amazing.

I feel like some people kind of sleep on the gluten-free selections at Trader Joe’s a bit, which is why I want to give them a shout out here today because so many of their “normal” foods/selections have a gluten-free version, which is just amazing. Especially considering Trader Joe’s prides itself on not having a million product choices, like most grocery stores, the fact that so many of their options have a gluten-free alternative is great.

I’ve found a few gluten-free items from Trader Joe’s over the past couple of years that I really like and have bought over and over again because they’re that good.

The first thing I’ve always liked in every Trader Joe’s I’ve been in is that there is a full gluten-free bread section. My local store also started putting the gluten-free cakes/baked goods with them as well, which I think makes it easier so you don’t have to spend five minutes trying to discern if this product has gluten in it or not.

Their Everything bagels are really good as is the white bread.

I really wish their cinnamon bread didn’t have raisins in it because I hate raisins, but would love some cinnamon bread. Odds are it’s as delicious as the rest, but again I hate raisins, so I don’t plan on trying it any time soon.

The gluten-free cupcakes, though…

Let’s just say I’m glad I took this picture in store because these leave my house almost as quickly as they come into it. These are some of the best gluten-free cupcakes I’ve eaten. I feel like a lot of companies and bakeries try to…overdo it with special flavors or adding a lot of sugar, or whatever for gluten-free cupcakes to hide the fact that they’re gluten-free. These taste like those simple homemade chocolate cupcakes with vanilla (buttercream in this case) frosting that you’ve made at home for years. They are simple, so UNBELIEVABLY MOIST (sorry…I know we hate that word) and just delicious.

If you’ve been around for awhile, you know I’m also pretty obsessed with these Creamy Tomato Soup Gluten-Free Crackers.

My local store doesn’t carry them, for some reason, which makes me sad because they’re delicious.

And I know…they sound weird. But they are really, really good. And they’re literally $1/box. Try them. Just trust me.

Trader Joe’s also offers a lot of gluten-free varieties of their famous cookies including their Joe-Joe’s.

As well as their crispy crunchy cookies.

Again, I say, I wish their Oatmeal cookies didn’t have raisins in them because I do miss a good oatmeal cookie. But I’ve had their chocolate chip ones and they are the perfect crunchy cookie for those of us that can appreciate a good crunch in a cookie.

They also make a really good gluten-free pizza…

For me; it needs more cheese, which I add on my own, but in all fairness, it is rare to find a frozen pizza that has enough cheese for my tastes.

I do like that this pizza has a crispy crust. A lot of gluten-free pizzas, especially those with a cauliflower crust can be pretty soggy but I have found if you place it directly on the rack when you bake it, the crust is perfect and crunchy which is what I like.

If you followed me on Instagram, you’ve noticed that I do have a love of frozen waffles for a quick but hearty breakfast on the weekends. Trader Joe’s makes gluten-free frozen waffles along with frozen pancakes. I don’t know of other brands that have gluten-free pancakes (or maybe I just haven’t found them) but I do keep a box of TJ’s in my freezer when I’m feeling some quick pancakes. I will say, I like their waffles; they aren’t my favorites, but they are good.

Trader Joe’s also has gluten-free pancake mix for those that want to make their own on Saturday mornings, which is also amazing.

They also have gluten-free brown mix, which I haven’t tried but I noticed while I was grabbing a box of the waffle mix, so I wanted to give it a mention here.

I mean, it’s chocolate chip brownies; how could it be bad?

Finally, I wanted to talk about Trader Joe’s gluten-free pasta:

Trader Joe’s has all sorts of gluten free pasta varieties including black bean, quinoa, red and yellow lentil, and brown rice and they’re super affordable. When you think that a lot of lentil pastas are upwards of $4-5/box; Trader Joe’s sells most gluten-free pasta for $2-3 per package which is a really good price.

If you look in the picture, at the top you’ll see gluten-free macaroni and cheese in the right top corner.

Hands down. The BEST gluten-free macaroni and cheese I’ve eaten. It tastes like the iconic blue box that I devoured and loved when I was a kid which is why it’s the best to me. There is at least three boxes in my house at all times.

If you’ve been sleeping on Trader Joe’s and have to follow a gluten-free lifestyle, you should definitely check them out. You’re going to find a lot of products that will fit beautifully into your dietary needs and most of them within your budget as well.

If there are any gluten-free favorites you have from Trader Joe’s leave them in the comments below so we can all try them out as well!

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