May 2019 Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix

May 2019 Stitch Fix

You might remember me stating that I was kind of “meh” on the last Stitch Fix or two I’ve received because I wasn’t super excited about anything in them.

I mean, they were fine, but not…exciting.

All that to say; this box was A LOT better. Like, I actually willingly kept my stylist for the next box — that kind of better.

I admit, I’m not the easiest person to style when it comes to these sorts of things because I don’t have conventional or “popular” style aesthetic. I’m someone who usually dresses pretty modestly; I don’t really wear dresses or skirts unless it’s necessary; I prefer wider-leg pant/jean styles; I prefer to have my shoulders covered at all times; I’m not super into form-fitting clothing– that kind of thing. So, to find someone who can dress me in those parameters admittedly can be a little difficult especially when we are in a season where so much of the clothes are basically the exact opposite of what I’m going for.

But Christa, the stylist I had for this box seemed to figure it out because everything seemed to fit the parameters of being cute and stylish but still giving me the comfort and coverage I was looking for.

That does not mean I kept everything; but really it’s rare that I do. I feel like if I can get a couple of pieces out of the box each month it’s worth it to me; and I did that here.

So, let’s get into what was in my box this month.

Croatile MultiStrand Bracelet Set

Marylyn Schiff Coatile Multi Strand Bracelet Set $38

This is a bit pinker than the photo is showing, but it was a pretty subtle pink that does kind of blend into my paleness a bit. It’s a cute bracelet but I know myself well enough that I’m not likely to wear it (as I already own bracelets I don’t wear), which is I think more a fault of how I have my jewelry stored which is pretty much out of sight, out of mind. But I don’t want this to just sit in my jewelry box forever, so I sent this cutie back.

Cosmic Blue Love Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Cosmic Blue Love Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jeans$88

I think we’ve come to the conclusion that jeans are an issue for me…I think that’s fair. I like the minimal distressing on these but they were the “meh” part of this for me. I think as picky as I am about jeans at this point, we can just call it done with jeans here. I’m trying one more time with flares, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope. And it’s not Stitch Fix’s fault; jeans are my definite weird area, so it will likely take a long time for me to replace my beloved Lucky ones.

Kut From The Kloth Rose Bootcut Pants

Kut From The Kloth Rose Bootcut Pants $78

Yes to all of this. This is basically what I wear to work daily. Yes. They fit nicely, they did all of the things they needed to…yes. Granted, I don’t go back to work until the end of August, so they’re just going to hang out in my closet for a couple of months (which is not something I’m normally okay with when buying clothes because I’m afraid I’ll forget about them) but it’s fine because these are with my work-type pants and they will be worn to their fullest extent when I’m back at work.

Kaileigh Rossano V-Neck Top

Kaileigh Rossano V-Neck Top$36

This top was cute. I’m really into floral patterns lately and this had a bit of a cap sleeve so I could keep my shoulders covered like I prefer to do, so it ticked all the boxes. It just unfortunately looked a little boxy on me; which is really the only reason why it went back. I think this style is supposed to be a little boxy, but it just didn’t look right on me, so while I love the pattern and the color, it went back in the box.

Verse Mati Billow Sleeve Top

Verse Mati Billow Sleeve Top $44

Pretty much the second I took this out of the box it went into the keep pile before I even tried it on. I like the pattern, I like the sleeves, I like the blouse-y style of it and even though its 3/4 sleeve, the material is really light, so it actually wouldn’t choke me in the summer to wear it with shorts (or jeans). In fact I’ve already worn it a couple of times since I got it and it washes well and is really cute and comfortable to wear all day. Definite happy win for me.

So, you can see I still didn’t keep everything from the box, but this was definitely much more of a win for me in terms of it being tailored to me and my style than some of the previous boxes have been.

As I mentioned I’m also keeping my stylist, which is not something you have to do. You can change who styles your box every month, every season, whenever you want to, etc, which is great especially if you get a box and you don’t feel like it’s “you”, which was the issue I’ve had the past couple of months. But, since I feel like the stylist I had this time understood what I was looking for, I decided to have her style my next box as well.

I did ask her to try and see if she could find a good pair of flare jeans and some short sleeve shirts for summer for me. Being able to request and customize your box in that way is one of the things I really enjoy about Stitch Fix. You can drop your stylist a note and let them know if you have any special events coming up that you may need something special for, or if there is anything specific in your wardrobe that you feel you need (like my current jeans need) they will do their best to include it in the box for you.

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix for you, you can get $25 towards your first box styling fee by clicking through this link. It’s a really great service to try especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have time to shop or you just walk into a store and get overwhelmed by all of the choices.

If you’ve ever tried Stitch Fix before leave your thoughts and feedback below!

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