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January Stitch-Fix

I subscribed to Stitch Fix for a few years before I stopped about a year and a half ago because we were cutting any/all unnecessary expenses for the wedding.  Plus, I was just getting to a point where I wasn’t super excited about any of my boxes anymore and I barely kept anything out of them.  So, I stopped my shipments.

One of my co-counselors gets Stitch Fix and she has been coming to work, for months, with the cutest tops or outfits.  And it seemed like every time I complimented her on something she was wearing, she’d be like, “yeah, it was in my Stitch Fix box this month”.

Goddamn you, Julie!

So, I blame her, fully, for me re-starting my shipments.  It’s all her fault.

But instead of just re-starting my shipments, I actually just created a whole new account because I didn’t know what I had as preferences anymore, and whatever they were had to be a couple years old.  While I’m sure I could go back and edit, I kind of just wanted to start fresh with all things.

My first box came at the end of December and I was pretty happy with it.  The stylist they assigned listened very well to what I wanted and what I was looking for.  While I only wound up keeping one thing, which was a cardigan, it was a box that definitely fits my style a lot more than boxes I’d received before.  The only reason I didn’t keep other pieces were due to fit or price.

I opened my first box on Instagram last month and since so many of you seemed to really like it, I decided to open up my second box here since Instagram stories only last so long.

The first thing I will say is that my stylist pretty much gave me a whole cohesive outfit with this box, which I really like.  I like that everything goes together but can also be worn separately and mixed and matched with other items I already own.

Stitch Fix January 2019

It’s all kind of casual, but still work appropriate, which is basically all I ask for out of life.

So, let’s start with the biggest thing…or at least I think it’s the best item to start with…

Market and Spruce Kathleen Cargo Jacket

Market & Spruce Kathleen Cargo Jacket $88

I go back and forth with cargo jackets, but I love the look of them, I enjoy the kind of mid-weight that they are; but am I going to wear it enough to justify the purchase?  I love the structure of this one, I like that it has a hood; it has a drawstring at the waist (with the tails of the string inside of the coat, so it won’t hang on the outside – which I like), I like the dark green color.  It hit about mid-thigh on me (I’m about 5’7), which is also the perfect length.  It fits perfectly…I feel like I’m trying to talk myself into it, and I might be because I do really like it….:sigh: WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

RD Style Rowca Cotten Blend Crew Neck Pullover 

RD Style Rowca Cotten Blend Crew Neck Pullover  $68

I pulled this sweater out of the box and was just like, “yup!”.  You all know I’m on a hard sweater kick this year, so this was right up my alley.  Especially since this whole polar vortex thing is here and literally trying to kill all the things, I need all the sweaters.  It’s not super heavy, which I like, it’s slightly longer in the back, which I also like, and it’s super soft.  It’s so comfortable, it’s definitely a piece that could easily be a closet staple for me.

Market & Spruce Balsman Button Down Knit Top

Market & Spruce Balsman Button Down Knit Top $54

This plaid, button-down, flannel-style shirt is SO SOFT.  It almost kind of feels like a really soft velvet, it’s not velvet, but that’s what it feels like.  It’s so stretchy and it’s a little longer, so you could easily wear it with leggings.  It would also look really cute layered under the RD sweater above, or with a chunky cardigan over top.  That being said, it’s going back.  I enjoy the look of a good flannel, I just don’t wear them.  I’ve tried and had them in my closet and they usually just wind up sitting in my closet.  So, to keep that from happening and to keep me from feeling guilty about it, we’re just going to send this guy back.

Kut from the Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean

Kut from the Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean $88

If you saw my stories from my Stitch Fix box last month, you saw that I actually asked for skinny jeans (and yes, I know me, I hate them, but I understand their purpose, so I was looking to actually own ONE pair) and they sent a pair that were too short.  These Kut from the Kloth ones…are also a little too short.  I know they’re supposed to be like ankle-length, but I’m not a fan, I want them to be a little longer.  I did forget to mention that I would rather them be in the tall length, so that’s my fault.  But, I do like the style and slight distressing of these.  I’m also finding I like KFTK jeans because they have a ton of stretch, so they don’t feel constricting in any way, which is great.  But, since they are a little too short for me; they’re gonna go back.

Market & Spruce Charlena Tote

Market & Spruce Charlena Tote $54 

I kind of hate my stylist for putting this in my box, because I really like it, but I also literally own five large brown/cognac colored totes and I can’t make any justifications for keeping another one.  It is faux leather, which I’m fine with, it’s huge, with a smaller zipper compartment on the inside and perfect as a work bag, tote bag, overnight bag, etc.  I just genuinely can’t bring another brown tote into this house.  I would feel guilty about it at this point, so it’s going to go back.


So, definitely keeping the sweater and likely wearing it in the next couple days (hello polar vortex) and still debating the coat….do I keep it…no…?  I don’t know what to do…I need help.  Tell me in the comments…I’m too indecisive for this.

If I have been your Julie with this post and convinced you to give Stitch Fix a try, you can head over here to sign up and you’ll get a $25 toward your first box purchase.

How it works is, each box they send costs $20, which they call their styling fee.  However, the $20 is applied to anything you purchase.  So for this box; even if I only keep the sweater, which is retailed for $68, I would only pay for $48 for it because of the $20 credit.  If you keep nothing, you’re only charged the $20 styling fee.

If you decide to keep everything in your box, you’ll receive an additional “25% buy all discount”.  This month, the purchase price of all my box items is $352. If I were to keep it all, it would cost me $244 after you factor in the $20 styling credit and the 25% off discount, which is not bad for what I was shipped.

Stitch Fix boxes are fully customizable, so when you sign up, you’ll be directed to a survey asking what you want in your boxes, what your sizes are, what your style is, so they can send boxes relevant to you.  You can change this profile at any time, so it is truly personalized to you.

If you do get Stitch Fix, feel free to comment or tag me in your Instagram stories, I love seeing what everyone else gets in their boxes!

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