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Erin Condren 2019 Planner

I always get super excited for the year because – new year = new planner.  And I love my planner.  

And ya’ll know I love planners.  Particularly Erin Condren planners.  

I’ve been using Erin Condren planners exclusively for about 5 years now.  For me, they really are the best planners to help me stay on track and organized with my life.  I have tried so many different planners as well as online calendars and it just doesn’t work for me and my needs.  The size, the layout, everything about Erin Condren planners just works for me.  

Since I have the system down, I didn’t really try out anything new in terms of layout or colorway or anything like that, so I went with my standby of the colorful vertical layout.  

I also like the fact that Erin Condren seems to be pretty content with the overall flow and layout of the planners, so there isn’t a ton of new and improved features like there have been in previous years.  I’m a creature of habit so the less change the better, for me.  

The few changes there are, appear to be more in the back where some of the accessories are, as opposed to the actual planner pages themselves, which again, I like.  I do like the few changes they made in the back as well, but I’ll get into those when we get to the back.  

You’re really just here to see all the prettiness.  I know you are, it’s fine.  



I usually do bolder/darker cover colors, but this bright and floral one spoke to me this year.

I always like these quotes pages.  There is a quote before the beginning of each month as well as a couple spread throughout.  I just like the little mood boost that they give when I come across them. 

I still haven’t really figured out a good use for this page yet.  I know some people use it for big events or things that happen monthly, but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  Maybe this year will be the year I figure it out….maybe not….

This is typically where I write all of the big things that are happening in a month.  Like if I have a day off of work, or doctor’s appointments, etc.  When I’m planning for my week, I usually look here first so I can mark appointments down in the week so I don’t forget about them and so I can plan around them. 

These pages are the bulk of the planner.  I like that they have some color to them, it adds some fun to the planner.  I know people usually use the boxes in a variety of different ways.  Some use it for different members of the family’s appointments and daily schedules, some break it down for work and home. 

For me, I just use it like a full day, so top box is before work/morning things, middle box is afternoon/after work and the bottom is the continuation of after work and into the evening/night time.  The lines underneath I’ll sometimes use for a special note for the day, if there is something I need to remember, or if I’m on medication, I may keep track of my doses through this area. 

There’s a notes page for each month as well and I always like that for running lists for the month.  Some months it’s a Christmas list, or a long to-do list for a long school break or something I just need to get out and have handy in my planner.  A couple of years ago they changed the layout to some circles and a columned list and I’m so happy they put it back to just a blank page.  I’d rather format it to what I need if necessary.  

All of the various varieties of notes pages in the back.  One has a tendency to hold a master packing list for any trips I take throughout the year so I don’t forget any essentials.  I also like that they added coloring pages.  Those are just fun if you’re somewhere and need something to keep you entertained for a little while. 

They’re sticker selection is the biggest change to their planners and I am totally here for it.  They’ve always had a couple of pages of random stickers in the back that you can use for planning (and ya’ll know I love me some planner stickers).  I love that they have so many different styles and functions and that there are still just some plain ones for when you need something basic.  

But, yessssss, to all of those stickers.  These are some of my most used and beloved stickers.  I have to ration myself out so I don’t use them all up by March. 

I always like these folders in the back because they’re great for holding invitations or appointment reminder stickers, along with stickers I have a tendency to plan with a lot.  These pockets hold A LOT and are unbelievably durable.  

Because it is the holidays, they are currently offering daily deals that make buying a planner now a little less expensive, and if you order by 12/19, they guarantee you will have your new planner by Christmas, so you can start the new year with a new planner!

Today, you can get free shipping with any order over $50, which is essentially the cost of one planner.  Which, I know, it sounds expensive.  But I literally use my planner every day and after a year it still looks almost brand new.  The quality is amazing and definitely worth the cost. 

If you’ve never ordered from Erin Condren before, you can click through this link to order, which will also give you an extra $10 your first order (which can be combined with the current free shipping deal), which is a pretty nice discount to get.  

If you do decide to order one, feel free to drop a picture of your new planner in the comments!  I always love looking at planners; they’re so pretty.  

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