Saturday Shorts


*They’re calling for “snow” today.  I use quotes because it’s essentially not going to do anything but dust, if that.  So, it’s like why are we even talking about this?

*I’m off from work tomorrow, so Sunday isn’t bothering me so much.  I mean, I’m taking off for a funeral (my friend/ex-coworkers husband passed away of cancer) so it’s not like it’s a happy and joyful day, but still.  I think I’m going to try and finish my Christmas shopping afterward and maybe run a few errands that I can’t seem to find the time to do any other time.

*Devon’s making cinnamon bread, which just that alone makes me kind of hate him.  But the smell is reminding me so much of my beloved kugel (Jewish noodle dish, I’ve talked about it before but if you have no idea what I’m talking about feel free to use the Google) with the hard cinnamon smell all over the house.  I hadn’t tried a gluten-free version because I feel like it’s just going to make me sad.  But since I seem to have (mostly) figured out gluten-free baked mac and cheese, I think I might be willing to give this a try over Christmas break.  Keep your fingers crossed.  There may be legit tears if this doesn’t go well.

*While we’re on the subject of my Jew-ness…I did just say that.  One of my co-workers made me latkes the other day for Hanukkah, even though she knows I don’t fully celebrate anymore.  They were so good.  She even topped them with sour cream and had a side of applesauce with them.  She might be my new favorite person.

*I think Devon may be getting me a new crockpot for Christmas.  Is it weird that this makes me giddy? I mean our current crockpot doesn’t seem to be heating evenly anymore, for whatever reason, and we use it so much that it’s going to become annoying.  But I’m very much at the age where I’m super excited to get new appliances.  It’s fine.

*I think I’m going to re-start my Stitch Fix subscription.  I stopped it for the wedding but one of my co-counselors gets it and she’s always wearing the cutest things and every time I ask her where she got it, it’s from Stitch Fix…soooo, yeah I need to get that back in my life.

*I feel like I’m coming off annoyed or overly curt throughout this, and I’m really neither right now.  I’m perfectly content, I don’t know why this sounds so…stern. Anyway….

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! 


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