Saturday Shorts


*I swear if I have to look at another students grades this week I’m going to poke myself in the eye. I feel like all I’ve done all week is look at every grade of every student in the building (slight exaggeration) so we can make plans for remediation, summer school, recovery, etc. My head hurts, y’all. And we aren’t even done. Now we have to meet with kids and families and work out plans and all of this….stuff….but ya know….educators aren’t doing anything at home……but lemme stop before I….say things.

*I will say, one of the really nice things about being at home so much is that it snowed over the weekend and we didn’t really have to go and shovel anything out because we didn’t have to go anywhere. We’ve just let Mother Nature do it for us, which my back always appreciates.


*SOMEONE IS 10 MONTHS OLD TODAY! We’re apparently getting into “teenaged” territory with him and let me tell you…..yeah…we are. He is pushing ALL the buttons and doing all of the things he knows he’s not supposed to AS HE IS LOOKING AT US. And then acting surprised when we correct him, like he doesn’t know. Then he tries to be sweet and adorable like he wasn’t just being bratty 5 minutes earlier. I feel like he really does have this goal of helping us prepare for parenthood, he’s even started scratching at the bedroom door at 3am and waking us up. #hesluckyhescute

*Are any MAC users having issues with Safari? I don’t know why all of the sudden my tabs don’t have titles/page names on them anymore. Was there an update I wasn’t aware of that didn’t install right on my laptop? It’s super annoying. And none of my autofill things seem to be working either. Maybe it’s just me? Maybe my computer just decided to be a jerk? Unclear.

*I got this new CoverFX primer recently. I haven’t tried it yet, but wanted to see if anyone had and what you thought of it. I’ve heard it’s good for oily/combo skin like mine and since I can’t find the primer I really like anymore, I need something new/good.

CoverFx Primer

*I randomly had a sinus infection a few weeks ago and I think it’s coming back/maybe never fully went away, which is super annoying. I’ve never had a sinus infection before and now I can’t seem to get rid of one. My doctor is having me try something different since my body typically hates antibiotics, so hopefully it helps. I’m tired of my face/sinuses hurting.

*ALSOPLUSALSO I finally got my hands on Gluten-Free Oreos (because I know everyone was on the edge of their seats for me /sarcasm) and ya’ll….THEY TASTE LIKE THE REAL GLUTEN-FILLED KIND! Like I bit into the first one when I first got them and almost cried. It’s that serious and they are that delicious. If you’re a fellow #celiacsufferer and you miss your beloveds, please find them. All Walmarts seem to have them, I know they’re still kind of hit or miss at most grocery stores, but it seems like all the Walmarts, at least in Maryland, are carrying them now. But if you can’t find them yet, they are totally worth the wait; I promise.

Gluten free Oreos

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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