Saturday Shorts


*YOU GUYS! …….I worked out yesterday for the first time in like….awhile…like MONTHS awhile. Yeah…it’s been awhile #nojudgement. TBH it wasn’t overly pleasant. TBH I probably shouldn’t have started with a 10 minute tabata/kickboxing kind of thing for my first outing in awhile, but I did it! One of the biggest things I learned from Lynette/my fitness coach is to make small and attainable goals when it comes to health and wellness because I am someone who has a tendency to “go big or go home”…and I wind up at home a lot. I mentioned, I think on IG, that I’m getting back to my health and wellness goals after a much needed break and I’ve been making small goals each week. Last week was to hit my calorie goal every day (which I did with the exception of one day, which is fine) and this week it is to work out 3 times – around 10-15 minutes each time. Even after 10 minutes yesterday, my legs felt like jello, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but definitely something I hadn’t felt in awhile.

shorts workout

*So because I’m the most special person; in a world of everyone getting Covid – I somehow got a sinus infection. I’ve literally never had a sinus infection in my life (at least not a diagnosed one). I went to my dentist because my upper jaw was aching so I assumed I had some sort of dental/gum issue and he’s like “nope, your sinuses need some work though”. Because I hate antibiotics, I tried to treat it with OTC things first, which obviously, didn’t work. So now I’m on a fun antibiotic that I have to take twice a day, with food, and it’s annoying me because I need to take it in the morning and I’m not a morning eater, at all. My stomach actually hurt most of the day yesterday from eating in the morning. I don’t know why it does that, but my body just doesn’t like it. So, that’s my joy for another 7-8 days. #yayme.

*I’m having the worst time with passwords lately. I’ve forgotten two in the past couple of days; one password I just updated like…a week ago. I don’t know where my brain is. Am I really getting to the age where I have to save every password in my browser or else I’ll never remember it? That’s kind of depressing.

shorts meme

*Though in a similar topic, I did find my first actual white/gray hair over the weekend. I know for most people that’s like “psshhh, whatever”, but I actually hadn’t found any yet. Devon’s liked to joke that he sees them in my hair often but my hairdresser always refutes him (and I trust her more than him sometimes). But this one was staring me right in the face and….it was definitely white. I blame 2020; I’m pretty sure it gave everyone gray hair. But maybe that’s why I can’t remember passwords; I’m just legit getting old (says the person who is only turning 35 this year).

*I’m having one of those moments where I wish Covid didn’t exist because I’d love to go away for a couple days. I don’t really have a particular destination in mind or anything like that, but I just feel like it would be nice to get away and do absolutely nothing for a few days, ya know? I’m not someone who will do this until it’s safe to do so because it’s not worth the risk to me. But man…as soon as it is, I’m most definitely booking a trip somewhere. Devon and I have already agreed once it’s safe to travel internationally we’re going back to London. Hopefully that happens before we have kids in college.


*I’m finally hoping on the collagen train and started taking a powdered collagen in the morning. Considering my hair issues, it’s really weird, even to me, that I’ve never taken one before. I don’t think I’ve been taking it long enough to see a ton of results from it, but I know it has to be taken for awhile before you really see anything. So we’ll see how it’s doing in a month or so.

I feel like I’m still trying to get back into some sort of normalcy after last week’s “events”. You’d think the more these happen the more desensitized I would be, but at the same time the more crap keeps happening the more it’s bothering me. I keep finding it harder and harder to “bounce” back like some others seem to do really easily. I know no one has to “bounce back” but at the same time, I crave normalcy and routine so I’m just in a weird place with all of that. If you are also in that place, I totally get it and empathize with the feelings you may be having right now.

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