Saturday Shorts


*It has taken a lot longer than it normally does, but I think I’ve finally figured out my life this school year in terms of routine and kind of what to expect of myself this year. I feel like I normally have this together within a couple weeks of school starting, but this year is quite different – not just because of the obvious (#pandemic) reasons, but also because I have an intern for the first time in awhile, I’m department chair…just all the things. But, I think I’m figuring out my groove, which is helpful for me and ridiculous need for order and balance. Devon is also teaching in evening school (in addition to his normal day school job) so he comes home later two nights a week, which has also taken some getting used to. But the schedules are starting to make sense, so I think my body is finally becoming okay with all of it.

*I know I talked about it on Instagram, but we actually hired someone to come in and clean the house a couple of times a month. It’s one of those things I’ve thought about for so long but I always felt like it was a luxury that we either couldn’t afford or it felt stupid to spend money on something we’re capable of doing. We’ve only had someone in twice, but it has been such a game changer for us – I think it’s part of why I’m finally settling a bit, too, because I have more time to just relax and rest which is something that was missing for a long time. Devon and I are typically pretty clean and tidy people, but I really just wanted someone to come in and make sure the kitchen is clean, the bathrooms are clean, the floors aren’t gross – that kind of thing. I am becoming a huge advocate for delegating out things that you don’t have the time or energy to do if you can.


*We’re super excited for the holidays this year because we’re hoping to actually see family for the first time in a couple of years now. The last time we saw Devon’s grandparents was Christmas 2019 and it is the longest he’s gone without seeing them in his entire life. We offered to host (small gathering) at our house, which we offered to do before the pandemic hit, and then we shut down…so it just never happened, but we’re looking forward to having family over. In all honesty, we’re also looking forward to the food. We actually made a ham for dinner this weekend with homemade Mac and cheese and it was delicious.


*I had a definitive “I’m getting old” moment when I woke up Monday morning and could barely lift my right arm. I don’t know what I did to it in my sleep but it just hurt so much. It feels like a muscle strain of some kind, so I’m guessing I just slept weird on it. I found these Salonpas pads that I put on the area that hurt the most and it actually helped me get through work on Monday without having to take a ton of pain relievers, which is something I’m trying to avoid. If you’re reaching the ripe old age of 35, these are awesome to keep on hand for random aches and pains that may be coming your way.


*I’m trying to find a really pretty buffet/sideboard for our kitchen/dining room that, preferably, isn’t $1000. Is that a thing? Because I’m feeling like that isn’t a thing. Even on places like Wayfair or Amazon, I’m still spending over $1000 on what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m just too picky? I want something like this:


I like that it’s fully closed, no glass doors, because we want to use it for storage, so I don’t want to feel like I have to “style” it because everyone can see into it. But even this on Amazon is over $1000, so maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. I’m open to suggestions though!

*And because I know why all of you are really here: I’m going to sign out with a few pictures of Krieger. Devon caught him yawning last night which caused a few…interesting photos of him. The third one is literally the best one ever! I’m not sure what possessed him to take these, but I’m sure it’ll give you a good laugh like it has everyone else so far.


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