FabFitFun Box Spring 2019

Once again it’s time to chat about this season’s FabFitFun box.

I’ve been getting this seasonal subscription box for about two years now and it’s filled with full-size products that can vary from beauty items to health and wellness things, fashion/clothing pieces, home decor, etc.  This box has given me the opportunity to try so many different things and brands that I may not have readily bought on my own, which is great.

I always eagerly wait for this when I receive my shipping notification and this season was no different.


It’s probably the least exciting box I’ve received.

I say that, but I want to add that the box wasn’t bad….just maybe not as mind-blowing as most others have been.  Maybe I need to pay more attention to when the box customization window opens, I don’t know.  But I’m still looking forward to my summer box.

There was good stuff in this season box, but I will admit I’m probably going to gift/donate to friends more products than I’m likely to keep.  So, it’s good stuff, just not necessarily good/useful to me, personally.


(Also, my apologies for random lighting issues, natural lighting just wasn’t my friend during this shoot.)


Show Me Your Mumu Brie Robe

I LOVE this, despite the fact that I couldn’t get a good picture of it to save my life, so here is the stock photo:

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 7.18.59 PM

This is a beautiful robe for the warmer summer months.  It’s super soft and lightweight.  It’s perfect for coming out of the shower or just lounging at home.  I have my bigger/heavier robe that I wear when it’s cold, but I don’t really have something lighter so this will get a lot of use out of me.  Plus, again, like I said it’s absolutely beautiful!


Quay Australia VIVIENNE in Black/Smoke

I can appreciate a good pair of Aviator sunglasses…but I have horrible vision, so I have prescription glasses and sunglasses, so getting these are kind of useless to me.  That being said, they are very well made and would be perfect for the spring and summer months when the sun is finally out and shining brightly.


Giadzy Copper Plated Measuring Spoons

I think I got a little too excited about these.  I have a major girl-crush on Giada de Laurentiis anyway, but I also really needed a new set of measuring spoons.  These are beautifully copper plated and almost look like a rose-gold finish, which is so pretty.  They’re also a sturdy metal so they will last for a long time!



I am one of the few in the world that doesn’t own a S’well water bottle.  You all know I’m the worst water drinker at this point anyway, so why would I buy another water bottle that will likely gather dust with the rest of them.  But, I have been intrigued by these bottles to see if they really do keep water as cold as they claim.  Plus, it has foxes on it, which means Devon is trying to steal it from me (he’s obsessed with foxes). So, it’ll be good experiment for me.


Tula Purifying Face Cleanser

I feel like the only way you haven’t heard about this cleanser, is if you’ve been living under a rock.  I have heard about this for a long time but have never tried it, so I’m excited to finally give it a go.  I’ve heard it’s great for sensitive and oily skin, which I have, so we’re going to test this guy out and see if it helps clean my skin better than what I am doing now.


Ouai Leave in Conditioner

If you have damaged/dry hair, you need a leave-in conditioner.  This is a light conditioner that helps to smooth, soften and detangle hair with moisturizing properties and enhanced heat protection. I think I have finally found a hair treatment concoction that is working for my hair at this point, so I’ll likely be gifting this to a friend of mine.


Dr. Brandt Skincare Needles No More, No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel 

I LOVE this eye cream, I’ve used it before several times and even though I’m not currently using it right now, it’s a great thing for me to tuck in my skincare drawer for when I need to replenish my current eye cream.


Manna Kadar Champagne Body Scrub

This body exfoliating scrub is infused with charcoal and Dead Sea minerals to help polish, hydrate, and refresh your skin.  This is a great product to use in the shower so that you can massage it into your skin while your pores are open and then rinse off the excess before you get out of the shower.  As nice as I’m sure this is, I’m probably going to gift this to a friend because I know I’m not that likely to actually use it.

Again, like I said, great box, but maybe not all things that are super relevant to me, so a couple of my friends will get a few of these things here, especially the sunglasses, I know my work BFF will love them.

If you are interested in trying out a FabFitFun box for yourself, you can get $10 off your first box, which will make your first box $39.99 instead of the normal $49.99.  $50 for a subscription box sounds kind of expensive, but when you factor in the fact that you only get four boxes per year and the fact that you are getting a box full of full-size products valued at $250 or more (like this box I just received was valued at $299 – this box was about the retail value of the Dr. Brandt product on it’s own), so it’s an amazing value.  It gives you the chance to try out a lot of new products you may not have originally, and it can also give you a few gifts if you’re like me and aren’t interested in all of the things sometimes.

If you decide to give the box a try, come back here and leave a comment about what your favorite new product is!

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