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FabFitFun Style Box – Honest Thoughts

I remember mentioning before we moved that I received a FabFitFun Style box on Instagram and had every intention of talking about it here and then…moving hell happened and that didn’t happen.

For backstory; FabFitFun began to do a curated style box this year which is similar to services like StitchFix, DailyLook, etc. You fill out a survey about what your personal style preferences are, what your lifestyle is, etc and they send 5-6 pieces once a month (or however often you set for it to send) for a $20 styling fee. The styling fee is applied to any purchases you keep and you return any items you don’t want in the included prepaid envelope.

My first box was pretty cute; a few pieces didn’t fit my lifestyle (like we know I don’t wear dresses) but it had potential.

I just received my second box a few days ago and….I’m kind of rethinking that original opinion.

Now, I understand how these work; the box stylists use your profile survey, lifestyle information, and any additional information you give them (like a Pinterest style board – which I gave them) along with the confines of any budget you place on your box.

It could be that the previous stylist understood my style better, it could be that this box was just a random dud, which happens in these sorts of subscription boxes, but I feel like with every item I pulled out my reaction was just a harder no than the previous item.

This is not to say that I dislike the service in general; I love fashion boxes like this (as I’ve gotten StitchFix for a long time now) because they’re so easy and such a timesaver for those of us that can’t make it to the mall regularly. And I love that you can customize boxes to what you need in any specific time, or if you have a specific event coming up that you want someone to style for you.

I am still going to share what was in the box because the products themselves aren’t bad; they just aren’t my personal preference, for the most part. There are a couple of pieces I would have kept with minor changes and I’ll highlight those as we go through.

Street Level Everyday Multi-Compartment Crossbody $58

Street Level Everyday Multi-Compartment Crossbody $58

This was cute, you could carry it as a clutch or as a crossbody bag. It had three compartments inside so you could easily fit everything you need to carry with you. I liked this; I really also liked the color for fall because it’s a deep cognac color. But it hit me in a weird place when I carried it as a crossbody. Even on the longest the strap would go, it hit right above my hip, which will bother me in carrying it. I don’t know if it’s a me thing but every crossbody I own hits right below my hip which is comfortable to me. I feel like this being shorter means I’ll constantly fuss with it and ultimately not use it, so I sent it back.

Collective Concepts Adalynn Roll Tab Button Up Blouse $29

Collective Concepts Adalynn Roll Tab Button Up Blouse $29\

This is the item that I liked the most because I love tunics for work. I just throw on a pair of nice pants and flats and I’ve got the easiest work look ever. But stripes (in any direction) and I don’t work in any way. I’ve tried they just make my proportions look weird and I don’t know why; this was no exception. However, I loved the style (obviously) and the material and length and all the things. Had it not been stripes, it would have stayed in my closet.

Skies Are Blue Fields of Flowers Button Front Blouse $29

Skies Are Blue Fields of Flowers Button Front Blouse $29

When I first saw this pattern in the box, I was down with it. I enjoy floral print, really any time of the year, but the colors were reading very fall to me so I felt it could be a good transitional piece. Then I saw the shape of the shirt and was no longer a fan. It’s just way too boxy for me. Like I tried to give it some shape in the flatlay and it wasn’t having it. If the top had more/better shape to it, it would have been a win for me.

Skies Are Blue Julie Knit Top $48

Skies Are Blue Julie Knit Top $48

This was pretty much an instant no out of me simply because I’m not big on peplum or wrap tops and since this is a hybrid of both, I wasn’t feeling it at all. The color is pretty but that was about it. It pretty much went into the return envelope as soon as it came out of the box.

Kut From The Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Pocket Jean $89

Kut From The Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Pocket Jean $89

I’m insanely picky about jeans…ya’ll know…we’ve met. And I will give credit where credit is due; these aren’t skinny jeans. Hallelujah! BUT…boyfriend jeans usually make me look frumpy…. Yes, I know I really just need to stop getting jeans in these because it’s never going to end well…I know…but I keep doing this. Kut From the Kloth jeans, however, are amazing; they have great material and quality and last a long time, but this style just isn’t how my life works.

Skies Are Blue Kayla Pointelle Cardigan $44

Skies Are Blue Kayla Pointelle Cardigan $44

This I also kind of liked. It’s a long cardigan that hit about knee length on me (I’m 5′ 7.5″) and it’s nice and light which would make it perfect for the early fall, but it was oddly tight in the arms on me and I’d prefer, if nothing else, cardigans be looser than necessary than tighter. And, in full disclosure, I actually received a similar cardigan in my last Stitch Fix (which happened during the move so I didn’t share it anywhere) that I kept so since it was tightened because I had something similar, I also sent this back.

So, ultimately, I didn’t keep anything from this box. I always try to keep something to make the styling fees worthwhile, but at the same time I didn’t see anything in this box that I would have used/worn more than once (like the tunic or the bag) so because of that I felt it was better, financially, to just call the $20 a loss and not keep anything.

Currently the service is not yet open to everyone as they’re still rolling out, so if you are a FabFitFun subscriber, check your account to see if there is a Style Box option available to you.

While I didn’t like the box I received, I am still going to schedule another box for about a month or so from now to see what I get in that one.

A couple of things I do like about FabFitFun Style over other boxes is that you can totally customize how often you want a box. If you want a box once a month or even once a week, you can do that; they are a lot more flexible than other subscription services in that way which is great. When I checked out, I saw that I could have a new box as soon as next week, so if you’re shopping for an event coming up you could easily get a box (or two) before it for options.

They are also a lot more reasonably priced than some other boxes. I typically go for the lesser expensive item options just because I’m not someone who typically wears $200 shirts or anything super expensive; it’s just not how I live my life. And even with lesser expensive options selected I can still sometimes receive a sweater that’s $150 or something crazy that I’m not going to spend that much money on.

In this box, the most expensive item was the jeans, which is normal for that brand. All of the tops were relatively inexpensive, which is why I really REALLY wish that tunic wasn’t striped, because after my styling fee it would have only been an additional $9, which is crazy reasonable.

Bottom Line: I enjoy the service and getting boxes; this one was just a dud. It happens. I am interested to see what the next box will have in it, I haven’t put a lot of requests simply because I don’t have them at the moment but maybe I will come up with a few in the next couple of weeks. 

If you are a FabFitFun Style member, what do you think of the service?

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