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Free Donut Day!!!!

Should I have done it?

Probably not.

Will I regret it?

Definitely not.

But look at it.  You can’t get prettier than chocolate and sprinkles.  And yes, that’s hot chocolate (coffee is gross, yes I said it).  I’m gonna be on such a chocolate rush in like an hour.  Totes worth it.

No matter what kind of a weight loss journey you are on, you still need to treat yourself from time to time.  If you don’t, you start to feel deprived and that deprivation leads you to do worse things than just nomming a donut.  I have a salad for lunch and I’ll eat a nice dinner.

Plus, it’s early in the morning.  I’m bound to take several laps around my building by the end of the day.  So I’ll work some of it off.

Guilt will not happen here.

PLUS!  I have lost some weight.  How much?  I dunno.  Remember, I don’t own a scale and never will.  But my pants are fitting a bit looser, which is what I was going for.  As long as my pants fit and fit better than they have been, I’m happy.

I have camp in the month of July which means I’ll be running around, literally, all day, so I’m bound to do a good slim down from that.

In reality, I work with teenage girls all day.  That’s all our population is.  And I have the juniors and seniors, and we’ve noticed that it’s junior year where the girls really start to pay a lot more attention to what they weigh and how they look compared to other girls.  Someone asked me if I was concerned about the message I was portraying if I come back in the fall much slimmer since I’m around impressionable teenage girls.

And no, I’m really not.  They see me eating.  When I have lunch duty, I usually have some sort of snack (like baby carrots and hummus or a banana or a cup of yogurt) with me because I’m hungry, too.  They always see me with my water bottle (I’m getting good there!).  But they do also see me partake in faculty food; like if there are nommy looking pastries, or there is pizza for the staff.  Yeah, I eat it.  I don’t go crazy, but I eat it.  If anyone comes in my office this morning, they will see the Dunkin Donuts remnants.

So If I come back slimmer, I’m not concerned about the message I’m showing.  They see me eat.  They see me eat a lot of different things.  If they ask how I did it, I’ll tell them it’s because I was extremely active over the summer, likely while I’m eating a cinnamon bun.

I think it’s okay for teenage girls to understand that it’s fine to want to lose weight for healthy reasons and it’s also okay to still eat and enjoy the foods that they want.  Everything in moderation, which includes weight loss and exercise.

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