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Happily Introverted


This picture sums up my whole life and I love it.

I’m not sure why, possibly just because of how….”eventful” this school year has been, but I have been like a hermit lately and I’ve been all too happy to be one.

I’ve always been an introvert but, I think, living with an another introvert has made me embrace it more.  And having my home being my most comfortable space now, also is making me embrace it more.

Before Devon and I lived together, I went out a lot.  It wasn’t always with people, but I was rarely ever home.  Probably because home was always kind of hyper and basically just the opposite of calm most of the time.  So I would go out to try and find some calm somewhere and somewhere to “recharge”.

Now I have that at home, which makes my little introverted self even happier.

If I don’t have to go out on a weekend, I don’t want to.  It’s not that I’m kicking and screaming if I have to, I would just rather relax and recharge on my couch, watching a movie, with a pizza. Kind of like that picture dictates.

I did, pretty much that, this weekend.  Devon and I came home Friday afternoon and pretty much stayed locked in the house until we had to leave for work this morning.  And it was so nice.  There was no drama, no crazy, no loudness.  It was just nice and quiet and cozy and calm and I feed off of that, so does Devon.  I appreciate the whole “opposites attract” thing, but it’s nice when you and your partner get recharged the same way; there’s a lot less of the “well Devon’s gonna want to go out and I don’t want to” or anything like that. This last week I said to Devon, “I want to go nowhere at all this weekend” and he was like “works for me”.

I have a lot of extroverted friends and I love them and I love that they accept the fact that I’m totally not like that.  I’m never the “life of the party” or the “last one to leave”.  I go to functions and parties and I usually leave once I feel like I’ve had enough and want to go home.  It’s how I am.

Fellow introverts, I understand your life.  I’m already looking forward to being off on Sunday (we have Open House on Saturday, so I have to work, which makes me sad).  I’m gonna throw something in the crock pot Sunday morning and relax the rest of the day. Sounds amazing, right?

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