I Don’t Need Anymore Clothes…

…are words that have never come out of my mouth.

And likely never will.

Yesterday, I went to the mall because I needed to go to Sephora (I’m pretty sure the tiny rim of my foundation compact breaking into 100 pieces can justify my “need” to go) and I had a $10 off $10+ purchase at JcPenney, so I figured I’d walk around for a little bit.

I determined about 15 minutes in that I don’t like malls anymore.

I remember, back in the day, when shopping, to me, was like an Olympic sport.  I mean, I planned my weekend around what mall I wanted to visit.  I even had a fellow mall shopping fiend that would usually come with me.  It was the best.  It was so much fun to walk around and see what awesome deals and finds I could get.  I could be in a mall for hours.

Yesterday, I was casually walking around JCPenney and I suddenly had a “does not want to be here” moment, similar to this:

There was a ton of people there and crying children and people acting stupid.  I hadn’t found anything in JCP, so I just decided to go hit up Sephora and go to Target where I belonged.

Yes, I know.  I can’t last more than 15 minutes in a mall without regretting my life, but I can, however, spend 5 hours walking around Target.  TARGET IS MESMERIZING OKAY?!?!

Don’t judge me.

I unintentionally changed over to a lot of online shopping.  It wasn’t something I was conscious of but it just happened due to life being busier (which includes my shopping comrade and I both becoming engrossed in relationships – coincidentally enough with former “friendzoned” gentleman), there were just other things besides spending all Saturdays at malls that became more appealing.

I was always “OMG PAYING SHIPPING IS HORRIBLE!”  I actually kind of use it to my advantage now.  If I see the shipping costs and they’re crazy high, I’ll usually use it to justify whether or not I actually need what is in my cart.  Oftentimes, it’s “nah, too much” and I don’t buy it.  IT’S LIKE A MONEY SAVER!

Sometimes, I think between using coupon/discount codes and sales and shopping through cash-back sites like Ebates, I can spend less than what I would if I went to the store (even including the shipping costs) and even get some cash back from Ebates that I can use for other things.  And I don’t have to put on actual pants if I don’t want to.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Besides, I get to miss sights like these…

It makes online shopping seem even more desirable.

Target binges, however, will probably never cease to happen.  There’s just too much awesome there.

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