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Okay, maybe not for the majority of the world.  But my school was rewarded with a Bishop’s Day tomorrow (I don’t know why or how we got it, but I’m not complaining) so we’re closed when all other schools are open.

So my life is essentially this:

And a little bit of this:

Well, I mean….

I HAVE already been at work for three hours and quite productive.  I have an appointment with a student near the end of the day.  But I’m the Junior and Senior class counselor….and the seniors are gone, so I only have Juniors and while they might come down and visit and need something today, they aren’t as “needy” as the seniors were at the end of the year. Understandably needy, but still my schedule is a bit freer with half as many kids on my current caseload.

So since I already did the work I needed to, outside of my appointment, I’m just….doing random things until 3:00pm.

And, out of the next 10 days, I only work three of them (but two of those days are like 12 hour days because of awards ceremonies and the senior graduation ceremony), which is nice.  It’s finally the calmer part of the year.  I’ve been waiting for this.

This, I’m just putting under a cut just because it has no relevance to my Friday excitement and I don’t see a need to make a new post for it.

This just amused me.  Devon tagged me in it on Facebook this morning with the caption, “Try to remember this, Stephanie”.

Might be offensive to some, I suppose.

To which, I replied back, “just remember that the same goes for [annoying] girlfriends”.

The reason for this was our friend from college made a status the other day about something from a few years ago.  Devon and I both commented.  She group messages us on Facebook and is all, ‘I’m so happy you two finally got together, I always thought you two would be cute together”.  And me being me, I’m like “yeah….but he’s still just as annoying as ever”, which leads to him and I “arguing” (because we were kidding and she knows us both well enough to know we were kidding) back and forth about each of us being annoying and her just laughing at us both.

So he posted this this morning as a final/drop-the-mic response.

He is a pretty good boyfriend.  Most of the time.  Which is really all you can ask from a person.  Is that they do the best they can with/for the person they are with.  If he were to ever stop being annoying (like you see above), that’s when I would start to worry.

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