And it’s also been 7 years….

So as someone LOVINGLY pointed out when I texted him the picture of my Masters diploma, I also graduated with my Bachelor’s 7 years ago today (or maybe yesterday, actually).

And it was pointed out more in the form of: YOU GRADUATED FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE SEVEN YEARS AGO TOO!!”

I didn’t forget.  Timehop did, though.

Not my fault.

But yeah, 7 years ago, Devon and I both graduated from Frostburg State University with our Bachelor degrees.  Yes, Devon is a year older than me; he was on the five year plan that you do when you change majors and wind up having to start all over again with pre-req classes.  So we graduated together and actually in the same ceremony.  FSU did a thing where they had two separate ceremonies; one for Arts and Sciences and one for Business and Education.  Devon being a Biology major and me being a Psychology major, naturally, were in the same ceremony.  A number of our friends were in the Education ceremony, however.

We oddly have no pictures together from that day.  We have pictures of each other with mutual friends and other people but none actually together.  Not sure why.

The thing I will always remember, though.  We watched WWE a lot that year and Ric Flair was making (another) comeback, so his trademark “WOOOO!” was a thing and something Devon liked to imitate frequently.  So when they announce MY name and I’m walking on stage, from the second row (cause his name starts with a “B”), over all the applause, all I hear is “WOOOOOOO!!!”  THE MAN EVEN STOOD UP AND DID IT!  I tried so hard not to laugh as I was balancing in my too high heels for the event.

He’s cray-cray.  I’m pretty sure you can still hear it in the graduation video, too.  He’s so loud.

When I hugged him goodbye that day I thought it might be the last time I’d ever see him, since neither of us were known for being good at keeping in touch with people.

7 years later……..:deep sigh:  He better feel so lucky that I love his weird ass.  So, SO lucky.

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