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I’m not ready!!

This has been my life this weekend…


I’m currently sitting in my office, at school, and I’m still not ready.

I had a longer break and I’m not ready.

I’ve already seen like five of my girls and I’m still not ready.

Is it Friday yet?

I love my job, I really do, but it’s so hard the first day after a long break.

I went up to the front office a little while ago and we were all just looking at each other like, “we’re really here aren’t we?  Why?”

This week is busy, too.  I have two doctor’s appointments, we have a financial aid info session tomorrow night, mass this morning, I have several meetings with parents, and a plethora of other things.

I have an extra large hot chocolate on my desk right now.  It will help me get through all of this today.  It’s my best friend.

Now…..TO WORK!!

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