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All of that, yes.

I mean, we’re not talking about the fact that I’m still at school for another week after this.  No. Not at all.

But there will be no students here! It will be gloriously quiet!

I’m also currently ignoring the long laundry list of things I need to get done in here next week because the last day of school for students is more exciting.

Most people, when they make posts like this, make a whole huge reflection on their year and how they have grown and what they loved and hated.  That’s coming.  Just not right now.  I’m too excited for the last day of school to do that now.

I’m also excited because I took advantage of Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale where they brought back all my middle school memories of Cucumber Melon, Country Apple, etc.  They didn’t bring back my Sun-Ripened Raspberry which gave me sads, but today is a happy day so we’re not talking about that now.  Anyway, I’m wearing my cucumber melon spray (that I bought like 4 spray bottles of) and I keep getting wafts of it and IT SMELLS SO GOOD!

This is the huge box I got of my sprays yesterday:

Now, the 4 “odd things out” were from one of my closest friends who is moving and trying to slim her B&BW collection down.  Those are scents I love, so she sent them to me and they just happened to arrive the same time as my B&BW order!  Best part, because the old scents were so deeply discounted, that whole box was like $32.  All of those will last me forever.  Which is the point.

Last day of school.  I smell like delicious Cucumber Melon.  The faculty is having an end-of-the-year picnic once the girls leave. It’s a warm sunny day.  Today will be awesome.

I’m sure something will annoy me at some point, but I’m trying to not think about that.  I’d rather enjoy the lovely wafts of cucumber.

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