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Weekend Recap

So, I’ve realized I never blog on Saturdays.  It’s intentional.  Saturday’s are my day to relax and recuperate from my week. Whether or not that changes over the summer, I don’t know.  But I like having one day where I don’t have to do anything, even when it’s relating to the blog.  I don’t want this to become something I hate doing, which is also why I don’t typically post everyday.  Plus, my life isn’t THAT exciting.  But it’s nice to know on a certain day I don’t have to worry about creating content. It’s a good break for me.  It also means that sometimes my last blog post would have been on Thursday, but whatevs.  I’m happy with my blog currently.  If that changes, I’ll work with it.

Friday I was too busy to blog, despite the fact that I only worked for four hours.  I got to school at 7am and left by 11am (the joy of inservice once the kids are gone).  I spent the rest of the afternoon at IKEA.  That place mesmerizes me.  Almost as much as Target.  I wanted to grab a few picture frames and some new kitchen towels and just check out some random odds and ends.  As huge as our IKEA is, I could spend hours there.  And pretty much did.  I just love walking around their showrooms. I don’t claim to have the most creative aesthetic when it comes to decorating….anything, really.  So to be able to see a well-laid out area and re-create it helps me immensely.

I’m pretty much in love with their kitchens.  Devon and I already have an understanding that when we buy a house the kitchen is the first room renovated and I want an IKEA kitchen.


Is that not beautiful?  Seriously, though? :sigh:  Okay, I’m done now.

Then I met up with one of my closest friends for dinner.  She’s a school counselor, too (we met at Loyola), so it was nice to be able to reflect and decompress and just bitch to someone who understands.  Yes, I live with a teacher, but it’s usually his breed that I’m bitching about.  He understands, but not like she does.  We sat at The Cheesecake Factory venting for two hours.  Mostly about school, also some about our eerily similar spouses/boyfriends.  Her husband and Devon are like twins. It’s weird.  And we’re both interracial couples, too, so even more similarity.  It’s why she’s also one of my eventual bridesmaids.  We’re always on the same wavelength and I want her to be able to tone down my maid of honor since she’s been married and done the whole wedding thing already.  We also agreed to do these dinners once a month next year. We love what we do, but these decompressing dinners are so needed.


Something awesome happened.  Devon chopped veggies last night.

No!  Now….understand me.  Devon’s a great cook. But he is one of those guys (or I guess he’s a typical guy) who will take an easy way out.  He always buys those store-packaged, pre-chopped bowls of veggies that you see in the produce area. You know, those ones you pay an arm and a leg to have someone else do the work for you? Yeah.  Those.

Last night he actually chopped his own stuff!  I was so proud.  He made his spicy pasta and actually chopped his own onions and peppers.  Now if I could get him to use the appropriate knife (a paring knife isn’t the right knife) and an actual cutting board instead of a plate……but it’s okay.  He’s learning!  It’s so awesome.  I would have taken a picture but he would have been destined to never chop anything again so I wasn’t going to do that.  I was so proud.

We have a couple friends coming over tonight.  On a Sunday?!?!  Yeah.  Whatevs.  I don’t have to be to work until 9am tomorrow, so I don’t care.  The Game of Thrones finale (:cries:) is tonight so Devon’s friend Rob and his girlfriend Rachel are coming over to watch it with us.  Rob, I like.  Rachel…..meh.  I’m trying to like her.  I kinda don’t though.  Devon doesn’t care because he doesn’t like her either.  But…eh….

I just try to like her because Rob is Devon’s best friend.  But since neither of us like Rachel they’re never a “go-to couple” for us.  We have my friend that I went out to dinner with on Friday and her husband, a friend of Devon’s since grad school and his fiancee (also named Stephanie) and a couple of other coupley people for that.  It’s unfortunate because Devon and Rob have been BFFS since like the fifth grade but we don’t hang out with him much because of Rachel.  And those two guys can’t hang out together because Rob and Rachel have separation issues.  It’s a weird situation.

But, this…true story right here:

Like I’ve said, my house is usually pretty clean.  But it’s “lived in”, so I removed the random books and bags that accumulated on our couch, wiped down stuff and vacuumed really quick so that I’m not frantically doing it before they arrive in a couple hours.  I’m not really getting dressed for these two (yoga pants and a t-shirt ftw) but I want my house to look nice.  And it does.

But this coming week is the last week I actually have to be in my office until August 17th.  YAY!  I have a bunch of stuff I need to do over the next couple days.  Hopefully it’ll be productive.

Also, I HAVEN’T GOTTEN MY NEW PLANNER YET!! :Cries:  Fed Ex is taking FOREVER!  OMG…..They’re supposed to be speedy.  HURRY UP ALREADY!! It’s supposed to be here Tuesday or Wednesday I think.  I hope. It better be.  I wants my new pretty.  So much.

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