Friends Shopping Spring Cleaning


stark shopping memeI dunno if I spelled that right.

But one of my good friends and I are going on a shopping “spree” tomorrow.  I say “spree” because we’re both generally level-headed where money is concerned and not likely to splurge out a ton of money just because.  And in all honesty, I don’t shop NEARLY like I did when I was just out of college.  I can’t remember when the last time was I went to a mall and didn’t just go in to buy more foundation at Sephora and leave.  I generally do most of my shopping online.

But tomorrow, E and I are going to Westfield Annapolis, which is huge.  She and I used to have shopping dates there often back in the days before we had relationships and careers (it makes it seem like a decade when I say it that way as opposed to just like…3 years ago).  It was just a fun place to hang out and walk around because it’s huge.

Plus, it has Charming Charlie.  I don’t know of any other mall anywhere remotely close to me, that has Charming Charlie.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s this really amazing store that sells mostly accessories and some apparel and shoe items.  it’s ridiculously huge.  I think E and I have spent almost two hours in there before.  They arrange their store by color, so if you’re looking for a green scarf, like this cute and fun green zebra scarf, there is a whole section of green things to find it in. Most of their accessories have a bit of whimsy to them and they have great prices on everything.  I haven’t been there in forever and am so excited to go back.

Plus, I get to see one of my really good friends.  We talk a lot but life happens and we don’t see each other as much as we used to.  We’re both school counselors (who met while pursuing our school counseling degrees), so we get each other’s schedules.  But it’ll be nice to sit, shop, have lunch, talk about school, life, her upcoming wedding this summer (which I’m so excited for) and just whatever else we choose.

Tomorrow will be my reward for deep cleaning our bathroom today because I hate cleaning the bathroom, I always have. There likely won’t be pictures for it, like the office, because…it’s a bathroom.  It’s not that amazing or fun or spectacular or whatever.  I just have to remember, Charming Charlie is at the end of tomorrow and hopefully that will help.

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