Life lately

has been kind of boring.

I feel like saying that will make something horrible happen.

But it’s true.  Nothing that out of the ordinary has happened in awhile.

Devon and I have been both been super busy with school lately.  For me it’s college application season, so I basically spend most of my waking moments walking girls off the ledge in regards to whether or not they think they’re going to get into the colleges they’re applying to and then sending out copious amounts of transcripts for them.  I kind of feel robotic in most of my conversations at this point, which most senior year counselors would probably agree with.

We do have a  three-day weekend this weekend, though.  Well MY school does.  Devon’s does not.  HAHA! We have our big annual open house tomorrow.  So because of all the prep that the faculty and staff do to prep for it, we close the Monday after as sort of a comp day for everyone.  I think the faculty are more excited about this than the students are.  Our Admissions department ladies are the most excited.  They’ve been working like 12-15 hour days the past few weeks preparing for tomorrow.  I couldn’t do what they do; they’re tireless. I’d be rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere if I had to do all that they do.

I feel like October has flown by.  September seemed to take forever, by October just went by in the blink of an eye.  We’re already trying to get started for the holidays so that we aren’t as delinquent as we were last year with shopping at the last minute and rushing to get so much done.

Black Friday Ads are slowly trickling out.  YAY!!  I actually need to get a new desktop this year.  Something happened to mine, I’m not sure what, but it’s dying.  Horribly.  It’s actually even lost some of my files I had saved on there, too.  So I want to get a harddrive to back things up on, too.  Luckily desktop computers aren’t that expensive anymore.  I really only need a tower, too, the rest of my stuff is fine.  Hopefully, Black Friday is good to me this year.  That is the online Black Friday, cause I don’t go out.  No.  Devon and I camp out in our office on our computers and shop that way on Black Friday.  You couldn’t pay me to go out.


Welcome to my Food ADHD.  I just saw an email pop up that a parent wanted to thank the faculty so she brought in a ton of Dunkin Donuts for everyone.  I got excited.  Donuts are exciting.

Excuse me, I need to go claim one before everyone tramples.  Teachers get crazy for donuts.


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