Buzzfeed addict

So, I have a problem.

I’m kind of obsessed with buzzfeed.

I have no soul, I know.

But some of it is so funny.

But, I mean, 13 Dogs who look like Presidential Candidates? That’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure Hilary Clinton was a Yorkie in a previous life.  It sounds perfectly logical to me.

And I love the article about Martin O’Malley likely not making it through the campaign due to lack of finances just as funny. He’s not gonna make it even if he had the money.  His own state isn’t even going to vote for him.  MD hates him.  He was a shitty governor.  I don’t want him as President.

I’ve never been able to sit and watch the news or read a newspaper.  It depresses me.  I do like knowing what’s going on in the world, though.  So, I generally get my news through some form of satire.  Buzzfeed is great for that, plus I get to find out what my favorite food says about my financial outlook.  It’s good.

I mean, I lost Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (and I can’t follow Trevor Noah like I did Jon.  I’m trying, but it’s not working for me) and while John Oliver is a decent replacement, he’s lazy and only does his show once a week.  He should totally do his show nightly, that’d make me happy.

But for now I settle for Buzzfeed.  It’s how I found out Jon Stewart is starting an animal sanctuary.  And I cried cause COME BACK TO THE DAILY SHOW, DAMNIT!

:sad sigh:

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