Favorite YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of my favorite pastimes.  I admit, I watch it often; probably a lot more often than I should, but if it helps, my TV viewing has decreased over the years.  It all balances out, right?

I watch some of the most random things on YouTube; I can go from a beauty product review, to movie trailers, to planning videos.

Yeah….you’ve seen my love of my Erin Condren planner, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I also watch planner videos.  I’m THAT nerdy about it.

These favorites are in no particular order; just YouTubers or vloggers I enjoy on a regular basis.

Kate – The Small Things Blog

I love her videos.  If you have any beauty/hair related issues/concerns/need product recommendations; she’s your girl.  She was a hairstylist back in the day and has a ton of recommendations for so many different hair styles and types.  You’ve probably seen her on Pinterest as most of her hair tutorials are on there.  I actually did one of her hair tutorials for the Gala Devon and I went to a couple of weeks ago.  I got so many compliments on it and it was super easy to do.  Not to mention; she’s pretty funny and just one of those people you want to sit and have coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) with.

Collin – Hip2Save

Frugal people unite!  She’s your girl if you love all things deals and freebies.  Admittedly, she’s not doing a ton of YouTube videos anymore (she does a lot more Facebook Live videos these days) which kind of makes me sad because watching her shopping trips always got me pumped to go to the grocery store.  But if you need tips/ideas/suggestions on how to shop and not spend a ton of money, you can still check out her archives.  Some of it is a bit outdated due to new rules in a lot of stores, but you can still find some gems in there!

Cindy – Llama Letters

If you’re a planner, odds are you’ve heard about Cindy from Llama Letters.  Her hand lettering is pretty iconic at this point and admittedly pretty hypnotic to watch.  I can watch her videos for hours and marvel at her handwriting.  She does have a bit of a “potty mouth”, which doesn’t bother me, but I wanted to put that disclaimer out for those that may be offended.  If you enjoy planning or hand lettering of any kind; you gotta watch her…and she’s hilarious (have you noticed the trend here?)

Estee LaLonde

Another amazing beauty blogger and vlogger.  She is a Canadian who lives in the UK and she used to go by the handle Essie Button back in the day before she started using her real name.  She is unbelievably sweet and very honest in her videos.  Plus she does fun vlogs of all the traveling she does which gives me all the wants to travel to all the places.  She just announced that she and her boyfriend broke up which made me sadder than hearing about Channing and Jenna Tatum, because they were adorable.  But; life is life and I hope everything works out for her.


Jen – Pretty Neat Living

Jen from the Pretty Neat Living blog is another favorite.  She’s been around blogging and YouTube for a really long time; she used to go by OrganizedLikeJen and just does a ton of vlogs and lifestyle type content that I’m just really drawn to these days.  Her kids are adorable and I like that she keeps so much of her content real and relatable.  She does a lot of favorites videos of household things she likes and it’s nice to see what works for other people.  Definitely someone to follow if you want a good general lifestyle channel.


What YouTube channels do you watch on the regular? I have some great ones here but am always up for new finds! 


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