Meal Planning Monday

Menu Plan Monday….Tuesday #9

So, I haven’t done one of these in a LONG while.

Partially because Summer makes my schedule completely different than it is during the school year, so meals don’t have to be planned out so intricately.

Partially also because I really didn’t eat normally for like….a month and a half.  Once I had that root canal and had a temporary crown on, I was really vigilant about not eating hard/chewy things that could pull it off.  Then I had my wisdom teeth out which was more pain and weird chewing.  I probably didn’t start eating/chewing normally again until about a week ago when it stopped hurting/feeling weird.  Even now I still have some of the holes in the back of my mouth that are filling in, so I have to be careful to not get food back there because it can trap bacteria; and that’s the last thing I want.

So, most of my diet/eating has been really off since like the beginning of June.  In some ways it was good; I have decreased my diet coke intake by a lot and I drink a lot more water.  When I had my wisdom teeth out, the carbonation was a big “n0-no”, so I basically just drank water because I had no other choice and I’ve just gotten used to it.  Plus, my skin looks amazing since I started doing that, it’s a good motivator.  I have also stopped chewing gum entirely.  I chewed gum pretty regularly before and I haven’t had a piece of gum since I had the temporary crown in, which I know my dentist approves of.

But it is really nice to chew again and to not feel pain with it.  While the procedure and recovery hurt, I’m so happy I had it done.  I can eat anything again and it’s so nice.

So for this week, I’m kind of planning out this week and part of next.  I’m working part of this week and next so I’m trying to make sure everything is easy and all the prep is done so that I can relax this weekend.


  • Eggs with Spinach and Bacon baked in a muffin tin (I ate a lot of eggs after my wisdom tooth removal, so I’m trying to be more creative and eat them more)
  • Special K
  • Yogurt
  • Bagels



  • Leftovers
  • Box lunch @ school
  • Hummus Veggie Wraps



  • Leftovers
  • Healthy Choice Steamers (also left over from my wisdom tooth removal because they were softer but still let me chew a little)
  • BBQ at a friends house
  • Honey Dijon Pork in the slow cooker with Zucchini Rice
  • Creamy Garlic Penne
  • Leftover Meatballs
  • Takeout



  • Parmesan Zucchini Crisps
  • Mini Blueberry Muffins
  • Smartfood Popcorn
  • Mini Zucchini Pizzas


There’s a lot of zucchini the next couple weeks because the zucchini is just so pretty right now.  Plus I’m trying to see if I can trick Devon into eating it.  Devon had a physical with my doctor (first check up in about a decade) and she noted while he’s very healthy, she wants him to stay that way so she’s suggesting some dietary changes.  Devon’s always been a big guy since I’ve known him but with diabetes running in his family, she’s trying to keep him away from it.  And he really doesn’t eat that badly, but there are a few things we can change around, so we’re working on it.  She wants him to work more fresh veggies and fruits in, so we’re gradually working in some stuff that he’ll eat and like.  Hopefully we can work in more and different varieties in the coming weeks.


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