Merry Christmas!

Devon and I were both saying yesterday that it doesn’t feel like Christmas. It feels like it should be October or something, how is it we’re at the end of the year (almost)?

Devon did do his customary Christmas baking day yesterday where he made ALL the snickerdoodles.


We know I’m not supposed to eat them but…it’s Christmas. I’ll eat a couple of them and suffer as needed later. It’ll be fine.

For the record, I have no idea what recipe he uses…he actually won’t tell me, so I can’t tell you either. I just know that we’re apparently not allowed to Christmas dinner without those in hand.

I think maybe because we’re in a new house that’s making it feel weird. We did most of the holiday decorating in our living room but we spend most of our time in the basement. Maybe next year we need a smaller tree in the basement and our bigger one in the living room. We can be that extra.

We did get our annual ornament…like three days ago. That might even be it; we’re literally going to the eleventh hour on EVERYTHING relating to Christmas this year. Normally we’re shopped and fully decorated super early, but this year it was all super late, which isn’t like us.

But, anyway, we got our ornament, we ordered it on Etsy to commemorate our new home.

Obviously, that’s the stock photo because we haven’t received our yet. It’s the thought that counts and it’ll go up next year, right?

Despite this year feeling weird and off, this is a good holiday for us. We’re getting to relax, we’re in our new home, we’re both happy and healthy and we’re getting to spend the holiday with family. We’re heading to Devon’s Aunt’s house for family dinner, which is always delicious, and sit and tell random stories with the cousins and sit around full and sleepy in the living room.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday. I know holidays are difficult for so many and if you’re one of those people, my thoughts are with you and I hope there is something good you can find for the day to help make it a little better.

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