Snow Day


Snow day today!  Given the winter we’ve had, it’s probably the only one Baltimore will be getting this year, so we must enjoy it.  It hasn’t really snowed a ton in my area, but there’s ice and sleet mixing with it that’s making things bad.  It probably won’t get us out of school tomorrow, but it might give us a two hour delay, which is fine for me, too.  

We’re already off on Friday, so I could do with a 2.5 day work week.  Not complaining if it happens.  

A few fellow educator friends and I were living this life last night:

Pretty much all the major school districts were closed by 8:00pm last night, which was nice since most usully wait until 5:30am to make decisions.  Everyone always appreciates notice when school is closed.  

So today will be spent relaxing, catching up on a few things around the house, and probably, I guess needing to shovel out the cars.  

Hope everyone enjoys their snow day that is getting one! 

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