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So a Priest and an Admissions Counselor walk into a high school…..

No, this really happened, though. I’m not starting a limerick or anything.

That scenario happens when you work in a catholic school.

But yeah, we had a priest and an admissions counselor here from a Jesuit University to talk about their school and why Jesuit educations are great and etc.  The admissions counselor did the “Selling” which is his job.  But the President of the school was also here, who is an ordained Priest, and he talked to the girls for a long while.  Talking to an entire grade level is daunting for some people, especially when all of the girls are wearing princess and fairy costumes (it’s spirit day/dress like a princess day here).

But there was one thing he said to the girls, which I loved:

“Don’t spend the next 10 years looking for Prince Charming who will sweep you up and take all your troubles away. He doesn’t exist. Work on yourself and making your life better and find the guy that will be your best friend and then marry him, so that you can both work through life together.”

And I loved that because it’s not trying to down their dreams of the “white picket fence” but it’s making them be self-reliant and to think of a life for themselves and not just depending on someone else to do it all for them.

Some of them looked at me in shock.  My only response was, “if you’re looking at me to discredit that, you’re looking at the wrong person because that’s what I did” (or well, am doing, I suppose).

And I did the normal thing, I thought I had “Prince Charming” in college.  The one who was already sort of settled and together and able to take care of things.  But, I didn’t.  He was so very wrong for me in so many ways and my life would likely be disastrous if I stayed and did the “Prince Charming” thing with him.

I went for the best friend (or, well, he went for me actually; persistent thing he was/is) and I’m happy.  We take care of each other.  There is no one person taking care of everything for both people.  There are two people in this relationship so there are two equal roles played.  That’s how it should be.  I’m glad he said that to them.  No, most of them didn’t buy it yet, but I like that he at least put the thought in their brains to start thinking about making a life for themselves and then adding a partner later instead of waiting for someone to be their caretaker.

I’m hoping that it stuck for some of them because it’s so important to be self-reliant.  I love Devon more than anything but I know I can exist without him if, god forbid, anything happened.  I wouldn’t want to, but I can take care of myself as he can take care of himself.  Which is how it should be.

I get the fairy tale and it’s a nice thought.  But I’m logical and I like that Father put logic into their brains.  Teenagers need it. Badly.

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