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I’m having one of those, “I didn’t realize I was tired until I sat down” days.

I have been running since I left my house at 7am this morning and I didn’t even go to work until 11am.  I was in a professional development meeting all morning and then I had to rush to work so that I could teach my Junior Seminar class, meet with a couple students, respond to countless emails.

So this is the first moment that I’ve actually just sat down all day.  I am tired.  Whew.

I also just realized I’ve had to go to the bathroom for about two hours now and haven’t had time.  And now that I have time, I lack the desire to get up and go.  Ugh.

But, since I had a moment to sit down, I did manage to stumble on this, which Im going to leave here, mainly for viewing purposes and so that I remember to show Devon when I get home.

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