Avengers Movies

Today is Saturday, right?

I keep thinking today is Sunday because I was off yesterday.

So, Avengers….

                                       (photo cred: Comicbook.org)

Those guys, up there.  It was great, it looked beautiful, they were all hilarious, James Spader did Ultron justice, I loved Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, and no Pepper Potts made me happy.




Devon and I went to the 12:45 showing.  Because kids won’t be out of school yet and we can just watch in a semi-filled theater instead of a packed one.  Or….that was the plan….

We got to our mall and the parking lot was PACKED…like…..three levels of parking packed.

I didn’t understand life.  Until I decided to check our public school system website and saw…that…THEY WERE CLOSED FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY!  It’s May!  We don’t need to do P.D. Days anymore.  Why did they have to close?!  So we get there 30 minutes before the movie and the movie is already almost sold out and there is a line about 60 people deep waiting to get into the theater.

Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck,  Grrrrrr. Plans were foiled and we watched in a packed theater of teenyboppers and their weird friends.

Super Annoying.

But, the movie was good.  More action than the first which I like.  No Pepper Potts, which I REALLY like because Gwyneth Paltrow annoys the crap out of me.  And tons of RDJ, Helmsworth, Ruffalo, and ScarJo (yeah the girl crush is there) for viewing pleasure.

It all kinda made up for the teenyboppers.  Kinda.

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